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Connect Call Systems to Our Communications Engine

With the introduction of our new Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) product, use our communications infra to reduce latency and jitter.

By Josh Whitaker

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The advantage of a faster network is clear: Faster media streams deliver smoother product experiences, and better experiences make for happier customers. This principle drove Telnyx’s investment in our global IP network that scoops up communications near their origin and fast tracks them to their destination. The less contact data has with the public internet and its decentralized, many-networked design, the fewer hops it will make across peer networks and the better quality the communications session will be.

Eliminating Hops

When companies route their calls through the Telnyx environment, they eliminate a significant amount of contact with the public internet. In many cases, however, the call will still require short hops across the internet to first reach our network and then to reach its destination after it leaves our network. With the introduction of our  Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) product, we can bypass some of those remaining internet hops by connecting our telephony environment directly to your cloud environment.

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Benefits of Connecting via VXC

  • • Lower latency on call streams
  • • Reduce jitter and packet loss
  • • Improve security by decreasing attack area
  • • Establish more reliable connections with fewer dropped calls

Secure the Call Journey

Most calls on our network are encrypted end-to-end, because bad actors are interested in exploiting unwary enterprises with lax security. But, removing the call from the public internet effectively eliminates that risk. By implementing VXCs, you eliminate the chance for outside hackers to attack calls as they move from our network to yours, because VXCs function as private and secure connections.   

Expand Your Systems or Application Reach

By peering your application environment with the Telnyx communications environment, you gain access to Telnyx’s global infrastructure. That means your regional cloud environment can achieve global reach without large-scale infrastructure investments. Considering a European expansion? Our virtual cross connect capabilities coupled with our local presence as a carrier in 10 European countries can make that a reality. 

Use Cases and Examples

Any communications system that you’ve deployed in the cloud that relies on connectivity to the Telnyx platform can benefit from making that connection faster and more secure. The three most common use cases are described below. 

Cloud PBX

Most companies have moved their call systems to the cloud for its increased flexibility and accommodation of remote offices and workers. Connecting these PBX environments to the Telnyx backbone with a VXC means that calls traversing the Telnyx network will connect without ever traveling across the public internet.


VoIP and SMS Applications

When you’re fielding thousands of calls or messages a day, even small performance issues can compound and undermine a SaaS product, ultimately hurting your brand’s reputation. By migrating connections between your product and Telnyx to VXCs, you ensure that your customers’ calls are always taking the fastest and most secure path to your cloud environment.


Distributed Infrastructure

For many software companies, growing business means deploying into new markets. When communications—voice, video messaging—are involved, it can be difficult to maintain quality at scale without investing in substantial infrastructure. With Telnyx VXC, we make it easy to build direct connections to Telnyx from disparate instances, giving you the agility to establish that secure, high quality connection and more effectively launch products into new markets.


Spin up your own VXC today in Mission Control, or speak with our customer success team to learn more.


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