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Employee Spotlight: Tyron Pretorius

Marketing Operations Engineer Tyron supports the Telnyx marketing team with automations, insights, attribution and analytics.

By Odhran Reidy

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Tyron works behind the scenes here at Telnyx as Marketing Operations lead in the Growth department. While the work may be behind the scenes, it is vital to support the sales and marketing functions here at Telnyx. Take a look at how Tyron contributes to our growth engine and what he likes to get up to when he is not fuelling the furnace.

What are you working on at Telnyx?

My role in marketing operations is to support the sales and marketing teams. On the sales side of things, this involves building and maintaining processes to score leads, track their progress, and alert sales when they reach certain milestones.

On the marketing side of the house, this involves building the automation to distribute our content as well as setting up tracking and reporting to help the marketing team improve content performance and the efficacy of our digital marketing.

What are you excited about with your role at Telnyx?

I like that I have interaction with a lot of different teams. In a typical week, I will work with the product marketing, sales operations, and SEO teams to achieve our goals. Everyone is a superstar in their domain and working with them means that I get to learn so much more about marketing and sales.

As an engineer by degree, the focus on metrics and making data-driven decisions is also something I enjoy. It is always very satisfying to see the fruits of your labor as performance improves across these metrics.

What made you decide to join Telnyx?

Since I studied engineering in college and did a lot of computer programming I really appreciate the product that Telnyx is building and how Telnyx is making communications accessible to developers through their APIs.

I also like the fact that we are the David to Twilio's Goliath.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

There are a lot of cool projects I work on here at Telnyx so I recently started a personal blog to share how I am using APIs and an automation tool, Zapier, to automate and streamline workflows. I am learning a lot about SEO and really enjoying the challenge of trying to rank higher. It is nice to expand my knowledge and work on things that I don't at Telnyx. Going back to the team of superstars, having so much expertise on the team as soundboards for ideas and feedback is awesome!

I can't stand being at my desk 24/7 though, so I do like to get out and about whether it is taking a walk, swimming, or hanging out with friends. I surfed for the first time at Thanksgiving and I've recently moved out to San Diego in February so I am planning on becoming somewhat competent on the board!

Check out Tyron's personal blog, The Workflow Pro, to learn more about marketing operations and automated workflows.

If you'd like to know more about the Telnyx Team, and learn about opportunities to join our mission, check out our open roles.

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