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Empowering MSPs with Next Generation Communications

Telnyx’s communications platform empowers managed service providers with the tools and infrastructure to help their clients.

Sara Weichhand
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Telnyx’s next generation communications platform empowers managed service providers with the tools and infrastructure needed to deliver the highest quality solutions to their customers. The combination of their purpose-built network and Mission Control portal provide all the quality, reliability and flexibility a service provider can hope for.

Reliable Communications Solution

THE CHALLENGE: As a managed service provider, delivering a reliable and high-quality communications solution is a must. All businesses rely on their phone service to communicate with their partners and clients and they expect that phone service to be up and running 24/7. Regardless of the line of work, there is no room for downtime when it comes to their telecommunications. Whatever the situation may be, the communications platform needs to be dependable. A business needs to be confident that their phone service is going to work at all times. The goal is to focus on the core competencies that make them successful, not worry about whether or not their phones are functioning properly. A poor experience on a call can damage one’s reputation with clients and hinder the business’s ability to get things done. This makes not having a reliable provider unacceptable.
Providing this next generation communications solution can be made further difficult by the various requirements and installations demanded across different industries. Many businesses have a need for custom telephony implementations that match the particular workflows and processes involved in their own business. Some businesses are highly volatile and need a flexible capacity to handle the increased volumes during peak hours or seasons. Others are rapidly growing and constantly adding new employees and extensions to their work environments. In order to gain the trust of their customers, a service provider must have the flexibility to handle unique requests and configurations for all of their clients.
Beyond the solution itself, it is also of great importance to be easy to work with as a provider. Businesses desire a partner who not only can provide the best solution, but also the best customer service. A provider’s reputation is built upon their customers’ experiences and it is important to ensure that you make yourself as enjoyable to work with as possible. When customers reach out asking for clarity on a billing matter or an explanation for a technical issue, they want an answer and they want it in a timely manner. Whatever may arise, it is the provider who is held responsible for bringing resolution. So, they need to partner with a carrier they can depend on to deliver to them the same reliability and flexibility they strive to deliver to their customers.
THE SOLUTION: As a next generation communication carrier, Telnyx provides SIP trunking delivered over a purpose-built network. When service providers are looking to deliver a quality communications solution, they turn to Telnyx because of the network and infrastructure they have built. By strategically deploying their architecture in multiple regions around the world, Telnyx is able to pull voice traffic off the public Internet and carry it across their own private fiber backhaul. This reduces the number of hops calls typically take on the public web while providing the added security of riding their private backbone. In addition, to the geographic diversity and redundancy provided by a global network, each Telnyx point-of-presence is fully redundant and capable of maintaining services independently. This allows service providers to be confident in knowing that their communications provider can withstand regional Internet outages and still maintain services.
Beyond the network, Telnyx has also developed a Mission Control platform that empowers service providers with the flexibility to meet their customer’s’ demands. So long to the days of submitting orders and waiting on paperwork or third parties to provision the services you requested. With Telnyx’s Mission Control, service providers can order, configure and provision all their voice services in real-time. At the click of a button, you can search through an inventory of over 15,000 rate centers, select the local numbers that best fit your needs, enable additional features (E911, Caller ID Name, Call Forwarding, etc) and activate your service instantly. Not to mention Telnyx’s compatibility and demonstrated interoperability across various platforms. By partnering with Telnyx, service providers get the flexibility they need to meet the particular requirements of their customers.
Designed for managing multi-tenant environments, Telnyx’s Mission Control platform makes it easy for service providers to organize and access all their accounts. Real-time reporting, along with custom tagging and filtering, allows service providers to immediately access call details, spend, usage reports and more. Whenever a customer calls in with an inquiry, they can get them an answer right away. In the event that a technical issue arises which requires investigation, Telnyx’s in-house support engineers are always on call. As a service provider, knowing that your carrier has a 24/7 Network Operations Center and is always available to hop on a call is irreplaceable. Partnering with Telnyx enables managed service providers to leverage next generation communications and provide the robust, quality solution to set themselves apart in the market.
ABOUT TELNYX: Telnyx’s mission is to democratize the Public Switched Telephone Network and make universal communication possible. They build tools and infrastructure for people to embed communication into their businesses and applications, allowing users to have a simple, configurable, and barrier- free medium to access one another in real-time. Unlike most other VoIP providers, Telnyx is a true ISP and has constructed their own private network. Their infrastructure is distributed across their global network to provide diversity, redundancy and resiliency. They provide carrier-grade services to many different telephony environments and support high volume communications providers of all types.
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