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[Fact Sheet] Global Numbers

Instantly provision local, national and toll-free numbers globally. Make and receive calls, or send SMS globally with the API built for reliable, enterprise-grade communications.

Odhran Reidy
Global Numbers Fact Sheet Hero

Instantly provision local, national and toll-free numbers globally.

Leverage our extensive number inventory for consecutive numbers, repeating digits and vanity numbers. Perform searches for global numbers across more than 60 countries, choose different number types that are the right fit for your use case, and get instant phone number activation.

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Learn more about:
  • How you can take control with our self-service portal - port, purchase and provision numbers in minutes.
  • What advanced number searching features are available to ensure you get the perfect numbers for your use case.
  • Why Telnyx? From our purpose-built global IP network, to the best-in-class porting experience, find out why Telnyx is the choice for businesses that require a global reach.

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