[Fact Sheet] Telnyx Overview

[Fact Sheet] Telnyx Overview

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Connectivity made simple.

Telnyx is the smart way to connect the people, devices and applications that power your business. We offer unrivaled reliability with 99.999% uptime, guaranteed. And our private, secure network keeps customer data safe from malicious threats on the public internet.
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Learn more about:
  • The products we offer — including Voice, Call Control, Messaging, Global Numbers, Networking and Wireless solutions.
  • Key use cases like contact center and call tracking platforms, managed services solutions, two-factor authentication, secure IoT applications, and more.
  • Why Telnyx? From our purpose-built global IP network to the granular control our APIs give, find out why you should choose the provider thousands of developers rely on.

Contact us today to learn how you can leverage Telnyx.
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