[Fact Sheet] Telnyx Programmable SMS

[Fact Sheet] Telnyx Programmable SMS

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Inform and engage your customers with SMS.

SMS has exploded globally, now reaching up to 7.5 billion devices worldwide. That gives messaging a greater reach than email and social networks combined.
We make it easy to build high-quality messaging capabilities into your applications, with an intuitive API and SDKs and docs in your favourite programming language. Start leveraging programmable SMS today to improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity and lower operational costs.

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Learn more about:
  • Improving SMS delivery with smart features — Number Pool, Geomatch, Sticky Sender, Number Health, Delivery Reports and many more.
  • Key use cases like customer support, two-factor authentication, notifications, reminders and instant lead alerts.
  • Why Telnyx? From our purpose-built global IP network, to our deep number inventory and no middleman pricing, find out why you should choose the provider thousands of developers rely on.

Contact us today to learn how you can leverage Telnyx.
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