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Portal Feature: Channel Billing

If having unlimited inbound minutes is like a smart business decision for your communication needs, then use Channel Billing.

By Michael Bratschi

If having unlimited inbound minutes sounds like a smart business decision for your communication needs, then our Channel Billing feature might just be what you’re looking for. Channel billing is an alternative billing method for DIDs that enables Mission Control Portal users to pay a flat fee for unlimited inbound minutes instead of paying per minute. With this feature, you’re able to have one unlimited concurrent phone call, and you can set your channel up across multiple numbers.

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DID Channel Billing Setup:

  • In Mission Control, navigate to the MY NUMBERS tab under the NUMBERS menu. Locate your channel update on the top right corner of the page, which reads “You currently have 0 channels reserved. Add Now.”
  • Click on “Add Now” and the Channels window will pop up.
  • Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to add or remove channels, and hit Update.

Associate specific phone numbers for use

  • Under the MY NUMBERS tab, choose a phone number or numbers that you would like to use the channels for · Under the Billing Type column, click on the drop down for the phone number of your choice and choose Channel.

And that’s it - told you it was fast and simple! Unlimited inbound minutes for channel billing is available for as many phone numbers as you’d like.


As always, we’re here to help! Let us know if you have any questions or inquiries about our Channel Billing feature. Our support team is available to chat 24/7 in our Mission Control Portal.

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