New Products & Features • PUBLISHED 5/2/2023

Global IPs from Telnyx are now in open beta

Manage your high-availability services with Global IPs from Telnyx.

By Fiona McDonnell

Telnyx Global IP

Telnyx customers can now leverage the Telnyx network to create Global IPs that route to their services.

Telnyx's Global IPs solution allows you to implement first-class resiliency and uptime for your core services.

No longer do you have to depend on DNS caching outside of your control; instead, you can leverage Telnyx's global network and BGP-anycast capabilities to build in redundancy and resiliency. With automated failover to multiple sites, your services never appear offline.

To get started with Global IPs log into the Mission Control Portal and navigate to the Networking tab on the left-side bar. Go to the Global IPs section and click the “Buy Global IP” button on the right side of the screen. IPs are available from $5 per month, with prices increasing with increased bandwidth.

You can also configure Global IPs via API–check out the docs.

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