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What is BGP? An explanation of Border Gateway Protocol

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is crucial digital communication. Learn what it is and why it’s important for network performance.


By Kelsie Anderson

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Imagine a world without a formalized mail delivery system, where sending a letter across the globe is akin to tossing a message in a bottle into the sea. In the digital landscape, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the postal service that ensures data doesn’t drift aimlessly towards its recipients. It’s an unsung hero that’s crucial for maintaining the global conversation that drives our world.

Essentially, BGP is a protocol that manages how packets are sent across the internet through the exchange of routing and reachability information between edge routers. This dynamic plays an essential role in how information is disseminated through networks, be it a crucial email or your favorite series streaming smoothly.

If most of that description sounded like technobabble, it’s important to note that understanding BGP isn’t just for network engineers. Even as a savvy consumer, business owner, or budding tech aficionado, an understanding of BGP is an understanding of the arterial system of the digital universe.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what BGP is and why it’s important to give you a basic understanding of one of the mechanisms that makes the internet work.

What is Border Gateway Protocol?

Here’s the short explanation: Border Gateway Protocol is the optimized postal service of the internet, ensuring data packets find the most efficient paths to their recipients. It’s a path vector protocol, which essentially means that it maintains the path information that gets updated dynamically as the network topology changes.

And here’s the more technical explanation: BGP is a standardized exterior gateway protocol used to exchange routing information between different autonomous systems (ASes) on the internet. An autonomous system is a collection of IP networks and routers under the control of a single organization that presents a common routing policy to the internet.

BGP is classified as a path vector protocol. Unlike other routing protocols, BGP doesn’t use traditional Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) metrics. Instead, it makes routing decisions based on path, network policies, and rule-sets.

In simple terms, BGP helps guide packets of information through the network of autonomous systems that make up the internet. It ensures data is efficiently routed to its destination by finding the best path.

BGP is essential for the operation of the internet, as it advertises, learns, and chooses the most efficient path for data exchange. It's a critical protocol for internet service providers (ISPs) and also plays a significant role in enterprise networks that are connected to more than one network service provider.

Why is BGP important?

Imagine what would happen without an organized postal service: letters would be lost, delayed, or delivered to the wrong address, and communication lines would break down. BGP plays a similarly vital role in ensuring the integrity and efficiency of information exchange across the internet. In this section, we’ll explore how BGP orchestrates the intricate flow of data packets and reveal the myriad ways in which it keeps the lifeblood of the internet pumping.

Path control and policy-based routing

BGP allows network administrators to have granular control over the selection of paths for routing traffic. With a rich set of path attributes and filtering capabilities, it enables policy-based routing, allowing different policies for different streams of traffic based on various criteria.

Route management and selection

BGP is vital for determining the most efficient path for data to travel between different ASes. It considers several factors, such as policy, network performance, and preference, to ensure data is routed optimally.

Internet stability

By preventing routing loops and facilitating rapid adaptation to network changes, BGP contributes to the stability of the internet. Its ability to perform route aggregation also minimizes the size of routing tables, which is crucial for the scalability of the internet.

Flexibility and scalability

BGP is highly flexible and scalable, making it suitable for large networks such as the internet. Its ability to handle thousands of routes makes it the protocol of choice for ISPs and data centers.

In addition, BGP supports Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR), which is crucial for the efficient utilization of IP address space and the scalability of the internet. This capability helps in slowing down the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses.

High availability and redundancy

BGP can maintain multiple paths to a destination, meaning that traffic can be rerouted through an alternative path if a primary path fails. This redundancy is crucial for high availability of services and robustness in the face of network failures.


BGP allows an organization to connect to multiple ISPs simultaneously, which provides redundancy and allows for load balancing of traffic across multiple links.

Traffic engineering

With BGP, network operators can influence the inbound and outbound traffic flow, optimize the utilization of bandwidth, and improve the network's overall performance.

Global reachability

The extensive network of BGP-speaking routers ensures that any network can be reachable from any other network globally. This global reachability is the foundation of the interconnectedness of the internet.

Security and filtering

Through BGP, network administrators can implement routing policies that filter out malicious or undesired traffic, enhancing the security of the network.


BGP has been proven to be a robust and stable protocol. Its mechanisms for establishing peer relationships, detecting failures, and notifying errors contribute to its ability to maintain the stability of the global routing system.


As a standard protocol, BGP can operate between different vendors’ equipment. This interoperability is critical in an environment as diverse as the internet.

In essence, BGP is the glue that holds the different parts of the internet together. Without BGP, the internet as we know it wouldn’t be able to function efficiently, and communication between different networks would be highly challenging and unreliable.

Access the power of BGP with Telnyx

In a world where digital communication is pivotal, understanding the fabric that holds the internet together is fundamental. BGP is an indispensable thread in this fabric. It’s crucial for routing information and essential for ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and security of digital communications.

With the ever-evolving nature of the internet, it’s imperative for businesses and network professionals to have a basic understanding of BGP to build and maintain resilient networks. Additionally, BGP's flexibility and policy-based routing capabilities make it an unmatched tool in the network engineer's arsenal. Whether optimizing traffic flow, ensuring redundancy through multi-homing, or safeguarding against routing loops, BGP proves to be a linchpin in modern networking.

Moreover, as security and performance become more critical than ever, the role of BGP in internet communications and traffic engineering is set to become even more pronounced. Knowing how to configure, optimize, and secure BGP can be the deciding factor in delivering top-tier network performance.

For those businesses and individuals looking to leverage the power of BGP in their networks, choosing the right technology partner is key. That’s where Telnyx comes in.

Telnyx's Global Edge Router employs BGP Anycast to facilitate instantaneous failover between sites and cloud providers. Edge Router drastically reduces latency, ensuring your services are delivered with lightning speed, and guarantees a level of reliability that keeps your services online without requiring manual intervention.

We live an age where a few milliseconds can make the difference between success and failure, and where network reliability is not just desired but expected. Aligning with a technology leader like Telnyx, who’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with BGP, is an astute move.

Contact our team of experts to learn how Global Edge Router can help you ensure your network's performance, reliability, and security.

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