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Global Network Requires Global Partnerships

Telnyx is proud to announce partnerships with Equinix, NTT and GTT in building a network to deliver the best VoIP service.

By Mateus Rocha

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A network is only as strong as its weakest link and which is why we don't sacrifice quality when it comes to our network. Telnyx is proud to announce partnerships with Equinix, NTT and GTT in building a private global network to deliver the highest quality VoIP service.

Telnyx turns to Equinix

The partnership enables Telnyx to rapidly expand its global network across Europe and Asia while improving overall network performance by more than 60 percent.

"The Equinix Interconnection Oriented Architecture strategy coupled with Telnyx's innovative Telephony Engine has improved the performance of our service by more than 60 percent. The benefits to our customers are clear: superior call quality, advanced features, fast setup, self-control and scalable service," said Ian Reither, co-founder and COO, Telnyx.

Bill Long, vice president of interconnection solutions in Equinix says "our goal is to provide the interconnections necessary to allow Telnyx, and all of our customers, to succeed in the digital economy. The improvements in call quality that Telnyx was able to gain are a great example of the value of moving to an Interconnection Oriented Architecture at Equinix."

Telnyx chooses NTT Communications

The partnership consolidates the supply of high-performance IP transit services and Virtual Private Network solutions to enable Telnyx’s rapid growth in the US and overseas.

“Telnyx is committed to delivering high quality real-time communications with exceptional customer experience on a global scale. We recognized the need to work with a trusted tier-1 global provider to further enhance our global network’s performance, security and reliability, and that’s why we chose NTT Communications,” said Ian Reither.

Brent Duncan, senior vice president of sales and marketing of the NTT Communications Global IP Network at NTT America is “excited to play a role in Telnyx’s success and growth. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the technical capabilities and worldwide reach of our Global IP Network and support our customers’ demand for network capacity.”

Telnyx selects GTT Communications

The partnership strengths Telnyx’s ability to deploy IP Transit services as well as Ethernet services connected to its global network.

David Casem, CEO and cofounder of Telnyx, says “our customers are working internationally more than ever before, and they are looking for a partner who can support them seamlessly. We knew GTT could deliver connectivity with the reliability, performance and uptime necessary for us to realize the same mission-critical, real-time communications services we’ve offered in North America on a global scale.”

Rick Calder, president and CEO of GTT is “pleased that Telnyx has chosen GTT for its network connectivity needs. As one of the top five IP networks in the world, GTT is able to provide Telnyx with expansive reach and seamless scalability for guaranteed high-quality delivery of latency-sensitive applications, such as voice. We look forward to continuing to build upon our relationship with Telnyx on a global basis.”

With these 3 important global partnerships, Telnyx is delivering on its commitment to partner with only tier-1 at the largest internet hubs, so we continue on to provide the most direct and secure infrastructure for our customers' traffic to ride.

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