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Hassle-Free Porting With FastPort

Telnyx FastPort® is a faster way to port your phone numbers.

By Tarek Wiley

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Number porting has long been a pain point when switching providers. With manual processes, slow Customer Service Record (CSR) validation and an overall lack of transparency, the process is often more difficult than it needs to be.

Enter FastPort®.

What is FastPort® and how does it work?

As the name suggests, Telnyx FastPort® is a faster way to port your phone numbers. We’ve automated many of the internal and external porting processes to simplify and streamline the experience, providing headache-free porting from start to finish.

Our team of engineers works tirelessly to make the product as easy and user-friendly as possible, breaking down the barriers to switching carriers without disrupting your service.

When submitting a port request, you can either schedule the port for a particular time (including non-business hours) or activate it yourself on demand. This gives you full transparency and control when managing the porting process.

FastPort Number Activation

Validating your CSR

Your CSR is a copy of how your telephone records appear in a provider’s database. It contains information about each of the service charges on your monthly bill (e.g., service type, federal access charge, number portability charge, calling blocks, 911 charge, etc.). It also includes your service location, billing address, features and other important items.

Telnyx automatically validates CSR information in real time to eliminate mismatched data. Traditional carriers will wait for the losing carrier to reject the port request because of incorrect CSR information and then restart the process. But through better data visibility and automation, Telnyx identifies errors in advance, eliminating service impacts and ensuring fast, seamless porting — all in just a few clicks.

Take the hassle out of number porting. Head to our Mission Control Portal to experience the FastPort® difference for yourself.

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