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Take complete control of your number porting with Telnyx. Efficient and streamlined number porting for hassle-free transitions.

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Transparent number porting

  • Portability check

    Plan a port with complete accuracy by ensuring that your chosen numbers can be ported–before you need them.

  • Real-time CSR validation

    Check CSR information before submitting your port request to proactively identify errors.

  • On-demand activation

    Schedule cutover times and activate numbers in a matter of clicks (on demand or at a specified time).


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  • Icon Resources Article

    Number portability check

    Before you make the switch, double-check you can port your numbers to Telnyx.

  • Icon Resources Docs

    List requirements for a port order

    Use our porting API to return a list of all requirements needed for a specific port order.

  • Icon Resources Article

    Porting your phone number to Telnyx

    Ready to port your phone number to Telnyx? Here's a quick video demo on how to do just that.


Number porting refers to the process of transferring an existing phone number from one telecom provider to another. It allows businesses to switch providers while retaining the same phone number, minimizing disruption to internal and customer-facing communication lines. The process is governed by regulations to protect consumers and businesses.