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Hosted PBX: Delivering Carrier-grade Services On-demand

PBX providers deliver a higher-quality product with Telnyx.

By Sara Weichhand


As a hosted PBX solution provider, you no longer have to educate companies on the benefits of making the transition to the cloud as the flexibility and scalability delivered by the hosted model are well-known. Today’s challenge is differentiating your solution from your competitors’. It's for exactly this reason that hosted communications providers turn to Telnyx. By partnering with Telnyx, they are able to provide a higher-quality product with a better user experience. Telnyx’s private network allows customers to pull calls off the public web while the API gives them the ability to automate their own provisioning processes. As a result, they can deliver the highest quality services via an on-demand platform.

The Hosted PBX Solution Challenge

Demand for a hosted PBX solution has grown significantly in recent years, and it doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon. What was previously considered untested and risky is now becoming the standard for communications platforms. In the past, hosted communication providers focused on educating their audience on VoIP and the benefits of a cloud-based phone system in order to convince them to make the transition. Today, the flexibility and scalability offered by the hosted model are well-known, and providers can focus on differentiating themselves and their product.

Like most solutions, this is accomplished on two fronts - the capabilities of the product and the user experience. Delivering quality voice is priority number one. The adoption of VoIP suggests that people are now confident depending on the type of VoIP solutions for their businesses. However, confidence is not going to solve the challenges associated with sending voice traffic over the public web. The internet is an amazing platform which has opened a world of possibilities, but it was not designed for real-time communication. Waiting a few seconds for your YouTube video to buffer before playing won’t hurt anybody, but there is no room for buffering or poor audio when it comes to phone calls. People have become accustomed to the call quality experienced on traditional phone lines, and they expect to have that same high-quality experience regardless of the platform or device they're using. If you want to compete in the market, you need to have a platform that delivers on the quality front.

Of course, communicating includes more than just making and receiving calls. There are many features that users have come to expect, such as voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, etc. There are also a number of less traditional features that users depend on like conference calling, call recording and SMS/MMS, to name a few. The challenge is to develop a scalable platform with a robust feature set. Customers are looking for a solution that offers a healthy choice of options and has the capacity to handle peak usage and growth.

Even more difficult than creating these features is providing them on-demand. The user experience is obviously impacted by the quality of the service, but it's also heavily influenced by how the user interacts with the service provider. Nowadays, people have become accustomed to instant satisfaction. The luxury of calling an Uber or paying your electric bill via your mobile device has become commonplace. Customers want that same instant activation and gratification when it comes to communications. Sometimes, convenience can trump quality but even better is offering both. Users want to be able to log in, select their services and get started right away.

Hosted PBX Solution Case-Study

As a hosted PBX solutions provider, you can independently build a lot of the feature set into your application; however, there are certain components which require a proficient carrier. For example, one’s ability to provision E911 and caller ID name services is going to depend on the carrier they partner with. If you want to be able to provide these services to your customers, you need to make sure your carrier can provide them to you. Not only does Telnyx provide the full feature set, we also make it easy for you to integrate. Underneath the hood of the Telnyx network is a platform that enables a la carte service. Instead of having to bundle a bunch of services together to get the features they want, Telnyx’s partners can simply activate features independently. No longer do you have to enable E911 or Caller ID on every number you purchase. You can simply activate services only when you need them. This gives hosted PBX providers the added flexibility to provide a robust feature set without having to pay for services that aren’t in use.

The ultimate goal is to not only offer all the features but to provide them on-demand. This is one of the main reasons hosted communications providers choose Telnyx. The Telnyx Mission Control platform empowers communications providers to order, configure and provision all their services in real-time. All of the features and services can be activated with just the click of a button. Telnyx takes this one step further by making the RESTful API that powers their own platform available to their customers. This means that hosted PBX solution providers can embed Telnyx services within their own applications. With a simple integration, providers can enable their customers to search Telnyx’s 15,000+ rate centers to order and provision numbers instantly. No more manual ordering and no more managing an inventory of unused numbers. By partnering with Telnyx, hosted communications providers can address the quality concerns associated with VoIP, deliver a rich feature set and provide all their customers with on-demand activation.

About Telnyx

Telnyx’s mission is to democratize the Public Switched Telephone Network and make universal communication possible. We build tools - like our innovative Mission Control Portal - and infrastructure for people to embed communication into their businesses and applications, allowing users to have a simple, configurable, and barrier-free medium to access one another in real-time. Unlike most other VoIP providers, Telnyx is a true ISP and has constructed our own private network. Our infrastructure is distributed across our global network to provide diversity, redundancy and resiliency. Lastly, we provide carrier-grade services to many different telephony environments and support high volume communications providers of all types.

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