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How Resellers Win with Telnyx

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Read the guide to reselling enterprise-grade telephony with Telnyx.

By Odhran Reidy

Hero msp gettingstarted guide

A how to guide to reselling enterprise-grade telephony.

Telnyx is an enterprise-level carrier that is trusted by thousands of resellers globally. Our intuitive platform is built for reselling, answering the needs of businesses looking to easily manage and scale reliable telephony solutions for their customers.

We've removed the complexity of gettting started and onboarding customers as a telephony reseller. Delivering uptime and support that you can rely on, Telnyx can also help you to instantly activate your customers. Drive growth, shorten sales and onboarding cycles with instant number provisioning and automated porting.

Read the guide to learn more about:

  • Getting started reselling Telephony with Telnyx
  • Why our platform makes it easy for you to scale
  • How our network guarantees reliable quality and uptime
  • Managing and reporting on customers
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