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Introducing Telnyx Cloud VPN: Now in Open Beta

It's easier than ever to harness our private global backbone for your apps, devices and endpoints.

By Odhran Reidy

Cloud VPN Flow Chart

Today we're excited to introduce Cloud VPN: a simple, programmable way to connect your apps, devices, and services across the Telnyx network using WireGuard VPN interfaces.

Harness the power of our private network with Telnyx Cloud VPN

We've spent the last ten years building a global network of multi-cloud points of presence (PoPs) interconnected with cloud providers, local telcos, and internet service providers (ISPs). They're linked together by our own private MPLS fiber backbone, giving your traffic a private cloud highway.

Telnyx Multi-Cloud PoP Network

Until today, our customers could only harness the power of this dedicated private network through our CPaaS product suite, running voice and video media over our private backbone for crystal clear quality and minimal jitter.

Now, with Cloud VPN, you can connect any endpoints, anywhere on earth, across the Telnyx network. By connecting geographically- or cloud-diverse apps, services, cloud instances, or devices across a common, dedicated backbone, customers can enjoy low-latency and secure real-time communications.

Telnyx Cloud VPN works with simple WireGuard VPN interfaces

We built Telnyx Cloud VPN to be simple, flexible, and lightweight. Simply connect your app, device, or service to a Telnyx PoP using a WireGuard VPN interface. Our simple interfaces give your traffic a secure, direct gateway to the Telnyx network. By connecting two or more endpoints to the network, you can exchange traffic across our fiber backbone with super low latency. Your traffic is also far more secure, spending most of its time on our private cloud highway, and hopping between our network and yours over secure VPN tunnels.

Cloud VPN

Use Telnyx Cloud VPN to build global, secure, low-latency apps and services

We designed Telnyx Cloud VPN for anyone looking to connect their apps, devices and endpoints across a secure, low-latency network. Some of the early applications our customers are working on include:

  • A global service mesh, with endpoints across different cloud providers and regions that interact over a secure, low-latency interface.
  • Secure SIP trunks over a VPN interface, with SIP signaling and media flowing between a PBX and its nearest Telnyx PoP.
  • Private Wireless Gateways with IoT SIM Cards reachable via private IP mappings from your corporate network and safely isolated from the public internet.

Building a connected application that could benefit from a secure, private, low-latency connection? Telnyx Cloud VPN is ready for you to try out in the Mission Control Portal today as an open beta. Get started today to get early-adopter pricing, and a chance to help shape the product.

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