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VIDEO: Building an IVR with the Telnyx API and Ruby SDK

In under 15 minutes, this video will set you up to streamline user experiences with an Interactive Voice Response system.

By Odhran Reidy

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Do you need to build an IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are foundational to every leading contact center and unified communications platform. Modern customers expect a fully-featured IVR, capable of advanced telephony functions:

  • Self-service requests: IVRs should be able to independently handle the majority of simple customer requests like checking account balances and details. Removing call center agents from these high-volume calls dramatically reduces operational overhead for contact centers, but can result in a poor customer experience (CX) if the IVR is slow to respond or misunderstands user intentions.
  • Intelligent call routing: efficient IVR implementations should route calls to the agent best positioned to serve the caller’s needs, based on a combination of their phone number and their IVR inputs. This is a core step in minimizing average handle time (AHT) as agents are better prepared to solve cases quickly.
  • Natural language processing: advanced IVRs should leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to interpret spoken responses from the user for a more authentic, natural interaction and better CX. Telnyx customers like Replicant are leveraging NLP to build the contact center of the future.

Building IVRs that meet these specifications can seem like a gargantuan task, linking together voice APIs, SIP trunks, and much more.

Luckily, Telnyx is here to help with a super-simple tutorial, which demonstrates the foundations of an IVR system built using the Telnyx API and our Ruby SDK. Check out the video below:

Video tutorial for building an IVR with the Ruby SDK

Prefer to follow the tutorial at your own pace? Check out the step-by-step guide with ready-to-run code snippets in our Developer Center.

Ready to take your IVR to the next level? Talk to our voice API experts today.

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