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Microsoft Teams calling plans vs. Operator Connect

Microsoft Teams calling plans have many limitations. Discover how Operator Connect offers a more adaptable, tailored solution.


By Emily Bowen

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Microsoft Team Calling Plans are popular for integrating phone features into Microsoft Teams. However, they have their limits—especially when you need more flexibility and customization. Operator Connect, on the other hand, is a step up for businesses needing more than just the basics.

Operator Connect is a solution for organizations that need a robust and adaptable communication setup. It provides access to tailored solutions, more freedom in choosing carriers, and clearer pricing. Companies that choose Operator Connect experience smoother integration, better international call quality, and a system that can adapt as you scale.

If you're looking to enhance your business communication, keep reading. We'll show you how Operator Connect provides better deals and features that could make a real difference for your organization.

What's included in Microsoft Teams calling plans

Microsoft Teams calling plans provide basic call features such as caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, and the ability to make and receive calls—all integrated within the Teams interface. This setup is particularly convenient for organizations that already use Teams for day-to-day collaboration.

Additionally, these plans offer some level of international calling capabilities. However, it's worth noting that they often come with limitations and potential additional costs.

Limitations of Microsoft Teams calling plans

While Microsoft Teams calling plans integrate traditional phone functionalities into the Microsoft Teams platform, they come with certain limitations that might not suit all business needs. Those limitations start with a lack of flexibility in choosing your carrier, but there are several other aspects to consider:

Higher prices

Microsoft Teams calling plans tie businesses to specific carriers, which can be a significant constraint when looking for cost-effective or high-quality service providers. Moreover, the pricing structure of these plans can be complex and less transparent, especially concerning international calling rates and extra features.

Limited customization

As far as customization, Microsoft Teams calling plans are somewhat limited. They provide basic functionalities but lack the advanced telephony features and customization options that many businesses, especially those with more complex communication needs, may require.

Integration issues

Integrating existing telephony infrastructure with Teams is often less straightforward compared to alternatives like Operator Connect. This complex integration can pose challenges for businesses that have already invested in a robust phone system and are looking to integrate it with Microsoft Teams.

While Microsoft Teams calling plans offer a certain level of convenience for businesses already entrenched in the Microsoft ecosystem, they might not be the best fit for those requiring greater flexibility, advanced customization, and more control over their telecommunication solutions.

When to choose Operator Connect instead of Microsoft Teams calling plans

In light of the limitations of Microsoft Teams calling plans—such as restricted carrier options, complex pricing, and limited customization—Operator Connect emerges as a more versatile alternative for businesses seeking greater flexibility and control over their communication systems. Operator Connect not only addresses these drawbacks but also offers enhanced integration with existing telephony infrastructure, making it an ideal choice for companies looking for a more comprehensive solution.

Unlike standard Microsoft Teams calling plans, Operator Connect is designed for companies that need a bit more—like better control over their phone numbers and the ability to use their existing phone systems with Microsoft Teams.

One of the best things about Operator Connect is how easily it fits into what you already have. If your business already has a phone system, you can integrate it with Microsoft Teams without having to change your phone numbers or overhaul your setup. This means you can upgrade without the hassle and keep your business running smoothly.

What Operator Connect offers

Operator Connect services generally promise reliable connections with very little downtime, thanks to their robust networks. They're also known for offering good deals on call rates, which can save money for businesses. Some of these services have direct ties to phone carriers, which can mean better service and more options for your business, like buying phone numbers directly. Finally, the call quality with Operator Connect is usually top-notch, and many providers give you access to help and support whenever you need it.

When Operator Connect is a good fit

If your business is on the larger side, or if you already have a phone system you like, Operator Connect might be a good fit. It's also worth considering if you need specific features, have to follow certain security rules, or want a phone system that's a bit different from the norm.

Operator Connect is also handy for businesses that want to keep their existing phone setup while adding Microsoft Teams, or for companies that make a lot of international calls and need reliable, high-quality service. Basically, if you're looking for more control and customization in your phone service, you should look into Operator Connect.

If you’re ready to make the switch to Operator Connect, get started now by following our self-service set-up guide.

In the next section, we'll take a look at why some Operator Connect vendors offer really competitive prices and what that means if you're thinking about using their services for your business communications.

Why are some Operator Connect vendors offering such cheap deals?

With some Operator Connect vendors offering remarkably low-priced deals, it prompts an important question: Are these offers too good to be true, or are they a legitimate reflection of industry advancements?

Understanding telecom pricing strategies and their impact

In the telecommunications industry, companies use different pricing strategies to attract customers. Some use tiered pricing, where you pay more for higher levels of service. Others use usage-based pricing, charging based on how much you use their service.

These strategies are directly shaped by the competition among telecom companies. They're always trying to get more customers by adjusting prices to be more appealing. This strategy means that as companies fight to win more business, they often end up offering better deals. In simple terms, this strong competition among providers is why we see such a variety of pricing options, each trying to offer the best value to customers.

The legitimacy of direct carrier relationships

Considering these pricing strategies, it's no surprise that some Operator Connect vendors are able to offer very affordable deals. But it's important to know how to tell if these deals are legitimate.

A good deal should clearly tell you what you're paying for and what you're getting. Look for deals that have straightforward pricing, clear service terms, and easy-to-find customer support information. These are signs of a legitimate offer. Be cautious of deals that aren't clear about costs, have hidden fees, or push too hard to make a sale. These could be red flags.

Legitimate competitive pricing often comes from providers who have direct relationships with carriers. When a telecom provider has a direct relationship with carriers, it means they're working closely with the companies that own the network infrastructure. This collaboration can lead to several advantages:

Lower costs

By dealing directly with the carriers, these providers can avoid markups from middlemen like brokers or resellers. This direct connection results in lower operational costs, which they can pass on to customers in the form of lower prices.

Better service quality

Direct relationships often allow providers to have more control over the quality of service. They can negotiate better service terms, ensure more reliable connections, and often have quicker access to support and maintenance from the carrier.

More customization

Providers with direct carrier relationships can often offer more tailored services. They can work with carriers to develop specific packages or features that meet the unique needs of their customers.

In essence, direct relationships with carriers enable providers to offer competitive prices, enhanced services, and customization. When evaluating a telecom deal, look for signs of such direct partnerships, as they are often indicative of a provider's ability to deliver quality and value.

As we’ve seen, the enticing pricing of Operator Connect deals is more than a marketing gimmick. It’s a result of strategic industry shifts. With this understanding, businesses are better positioned to make informed decisions when choosing a telecom provider. While Microsoft Teams calling plans provide a straightforward solution for unified communications, Operator Connect through a direct carrier offers more.

How to get started with Operator Connect and Telnyx

Telnyx distinguishes itself in the Operator Connect arena through its direct carrier relationships, enabling it to offer competitively priced and reliable telecom services. This direct link allows Telnyx to offer cost-effective solutions, high service quality, and customization to fit various business requirements.

Integrating Operator Connect into your business communication strategy is easy. This five-minute demo shows you how to set up Operator Connect via Telnyx:

By choosing Telnyx for Operator Connect with Microsoft Teams, businesses benefit from the reliability of Telnyx's private global multi-cloud network combined with the flexibility of cloud-based VoIP. Telnyx's network is engineered for consistent real-time communications, ensuring uninterrupted, crystal-clear voice calls.

Telnyx's network is also fine-tuned to ensure secure, low-latency, and superior-quality voice communications. This dedication to top-tier service means businesses can rely on Telnyx for secure and high-quality voice communication needs.

Talk to our team of experts to get started with Operator Connect via Telnyx in just a few clicks.

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