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New Ohio Overlay for Area Code 937

Ohio is adding a new all-services area code overlay, 326, for the 937 overlay region currently serving the Dayton community.

By Tarek Wiley

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Ohio is adding a new all-services area code overlay — 326 — for the existing 937 overlay region currently serving the Dayton community. If you’re in this area, you might have to change the way you dial local calls.

Area code overlay, what?

An overlay is the addition of a new area code — 326 — to the same geographic region of an existing code — 937. This is done to ensure new numbers for a growing population. This isn’t a replacement but an addition, so customers are not required to change their existing phone numbers.

What will customers need to do?

To complete a local call, you’ll need to dial the area code + telephone number or +1 area code + telephone number. So, if you’re dialing from the 937 region, you’ll need to get used to dialing 10 or 11 numbers instead of seven. The same applies if you’re assigned a new 326 number.

In addition to the new dialing procedure, the new area code must be added to any services that use seven-digit number dialing (e.g., automatic dialing equipment, internet dial-up numbers, security systems, PBXs, fax machines, voicemail, etc.).

For businesses, doublecheck your marketing and advertising collateral to ensure the area code is included.

Who will be affected, and when will changes happen?

Then 937 area code covers mostly southwestern Ohio, including Dayton, Wilmington and Springfield. Here are the dates to note:

August 10, 2019 - Begin using the new dialing procedure whenever you place a local call. February 8, 2020 - Cutoff date for the new dialing procedure. Calls will not be completed unless you dial the area code — 937 or 326 — before the local number. March 8, 2020 - New phone lines and services may be assigned numbers using the new 326 area code.

What remains the same?

Your phone number will not change! Prices for local calls will also not change — what’s local now will remain local whether you dial a 937 or a 326 number. Dialing three-digit numbers (e.g., 411, 811, 911, etc.) will remain the same.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] or visit the Puco Ohio Website.

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