Numbers • Last Updated 9/29/2023

Number Porting On Demand With FastPortⓇ

FastPort provides automated porting with features like number portability checking.

By Tarek Wiley

Complete the entire number porting process within the Mission Control Portal or Telnyx Voice API, without having to deal with previous providers. Check portability with Telnyx before submitting your request

Telnyx FastPort®

Moving a phone number to a different network has historically been a manual, often long and frustrating process, with users at the mercy of carriers.

Telnyx FastPort® offers a faster, easier way to port your phone numbers. We’ve automated the process to streamline your experience, and our easy-to-use portal and APIs provide absolute transparency from start to finish.

For our customers, maximizing uptime is business-critical. Unplanned outages not only lose you money but also impact your relationships with users. FastPort gives you the ability to activate numbers on demand, so you can switch carriers without disrupting service — it’s as easy as clicking a button.

fastport 1

FastPort also gives you the option to schedule your activation, so you’ll know exactly when it happens (and never be caught off guard).

fastport 2

These are just some of the features we’ve developed to make sure porting is a hassle-free experience, enabling our customers to focus on what matters.

Head to our Mission Control Portal today to experience the FastPort difference for yourself.

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