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International Conversational Direct Routing By Telnyx

Our new International Conversational Direct product optimizes your call routing preference to choose a high-quality route.

By Odhran Reidy

International direct routing banner graphic

Choosing Telnyx for your international outbound voice traffic means you can count on our purpose-built, global IP network to route your traffic away from the public internet and through local AnchorSites all over the world, giving you clear call quality and high reliability. Today, we’re excited to build on our international termination quality with International Conversational Direct routing.

Licensed Carrier With Direct Partnerships

Thanks to our licensed carrier status, we have direct partnerships with Tier-1 termination carriers all over the world. When you configure your outbound profile to use International Conversational Direct, our routing engine uses these partnerships to optimize your call routing preference and choose a high-quality route to your destination every time.

The result? Let’s break it down:

  • Low post-dial delay, minimizing retries and failover to backup carriers ensures your call connects more quickly than ever.
  • Crystal-clear audio quality: audio packets arrive in order, with minimal loss, ensuring your contact is hearing your voice and media clearly, with no jitter or cut-outs.
  • Ultra-low latency means you and your contact can converse naturally.
  • Consistent caller ID retention, ensuring your contact sees a recognizable number when you dial.
  • Fewer dropped calls than ever before, because nobody likes hitting redial.

You can learn how to start routing calls through high-quality carriers today by checking out the full release notes.

Curious about our international outbound offering? Learn more about outbound calling or talk to an expert.

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