Requirements of an Enterprise CPaaS [White Paper]

By Josh Whitaker

Your Business is Too Critical for Over-The-Top Communications

The value of baking communications into our collaboration tools, work platforms and social media has become obvious over the last half decade, and the market for Communication Platforms has risen alongside it. These tools decouple communication functionality from the legacy telecoms and regulatory environment that have defined them and serve them up in ways that are developer-friendly, app-embeddable and internet-centric.
But, it’s a new market and different CPaaS have different strengths.

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“Requirements of an Enterprise CPaaS” describes platforms that pair this internet-enabled flexibility with top tier reliability, security and service.
Use this paper to:
  • Understand what differentiates top-tier CPaaS.
  • Determine selection criteria for a CPaaS evaluation.
  • Prepare for negotiations with a CPaaS provider.
This white paper describes CPaaS:
  • Quality of service
  • IP infrastructure
  • Engineering support
  • Business model longevity
  • Enterprise-specific features and services
  • Platform architecture