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Telnyx activates SHAKEN/STIR call signing in Canada

Telnyx has activated Native Signing on all calls originating from Canadian CLIs, in continued compliance with SHAKEN/STIR Canada.

By Sarah Halko

Shaken/Stir Call Signing in Canada

Telnyx is pleased to announce its continued compliance with the CRTC’s Canadian SHAKEN/STIR mandate, effective November 30, 2021. As of February 1st, all calls originating from Canadian CLIs on our platform are signed by Telnyx instead of our downstream local partners.

Furthering SHAKEN/STIR compliance in Canada

Telnyx continues to actively participate in North American regulatory discussions in efforts to facilitate adoption of digital communications and advance robocalling prevention. Following the mid-2021 rollout of SHAKEN in the United States, the SHAKEN directive has been adopted in Canada and applied to operators there as of November 30, 2021.

Per local regulations, voice service providers and resellers must attest to outbound calls leveraging Canadian numbers as the CLI (outbound calling number). Telnyx has fully implemented SHAKEN and all outbound Canadian calls from our network are appropriately attested to. Prior to the February 1st implementation date, Telnyx worked with our local carrier partners to attest to Canadian originated traffic to ensure compliance while we worked to implement SHAKEN natively.

Canadian regulatory bodies CRTC and CST-GA have worked in partnership with Telnyx and other operators to broaden access to critical infrastructure within Canadian telecommunications.

The SHAKEN rollout marks a shift toward protocols and configurations that enable a wider range of communications platforms to sign and verify calls on their platforms independent of larger incumbents. Telnyx is thrilled to be a part of the SHAKEN framework expansion in Canada.

What to expect from Native Signing as a Telnyx customer

Telnyx’s newly implemented attestation functionality guarantees continued compliant calling for all Telnyx customers. As mandated, all calls with a Canadian CLI originating on an IP-enabled network will have authentication included in the call’s SIP headers. On the Telnyx network, originating numbers are assigned an attestation of A or B, based on several criteria that establish their legitimacy—much like in the U.S.

If the originating number is present on your Telnyx Mission Control Portal account, you can expect an A attestation unless the call is made from an HVSD trunk. If the originating number is not present on your Telnyx Mission Control Portal, you can expect a B attestation.

learn more about our attestation procedure and how to petition for an attestation increase.

No action is required for customers leveraging Telnyx for Canadian outbound services to be compliant with the Canadian SHAKEN mandate*. We have taken care of everything.

*Telnyx will sign and attest to any outbound call that is not signed by our customer. Customers, however, should be aware of any applicable regulatory requirements to directly participate in the SHAKEN/STIR ecosystem and to sign their own calls as mandated by the Federal Communications Commission. Telnyx will pass SHAKEN signatures along that we receive in any outbound calls.

Compliant calling made easy

Telnyx continues to offer reliable, configurable, high-quality voice services in Canada. Telnyx will continue to actively participate in industry discussions on Canadian SHAKEN, cross-border SHAKEN efforts between the US and Canada, and legacy-to-IP network migration plans to perpetuate SHAKEN technology.

Ready to start calling compliantly in North America? Receive A attestation by porting or purchasing numbers through the Mission Control Portal today.

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