SMS Feature Release
Feature Release - 3.11.2019

SMS Feature Release

We’re excited to announce the launch of three new SMS features designed to enhance your customer communications. Number Pool, Geomatch and Sticky Sender provide a layer of number intelligence to help you manage flexible and responsive campaigns at scale.
Use multiple numbers to send high-volume campaigns faster. Automatically send texts from local or consistent numbers for higher response and conversion rates. This is messaging reimagined.

Number Pool

Spread messages across a group of phone numbers to quickly reach large audiences. We’ll work in the background to use the best quality numbers and improve delivery.


Automatically send messages from a number with the same local area code as the recipient — it’ll drive stronger engagement and result in better response and conversion rates.

Sticky Sender

Send every message to a customer from the same number. A sticky number gives a more consistent experience that builds familiarity and trust into your customer interactions.
To use our messaging features, head to the Mission Control Portal, or learn more about them here.
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