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How Telnyx's new infrastructure boosts IoT in Australia

Discover how Telnyx's new infrastructure in Australia enhances IoT connectivity with reduced latency and increased reliability.


By Aisling Cahill

IoT Australia

Telnyx is thrilled to announce the launch of our new infrastructure in Australia, designed to significantly enhance IoT connectivity. This milestone aligns with our global vision of providing top-tier, low-latency, and reliable IoT solutions across the globe.

Unlocking superior IoT connectivity with Telnyx SIMs in Australia

Our latest deployment includes state-of-the-art packet gateways in Australia, slashing latency by up to 50%. This improvement means devices using Telnyx IoT SIM cards will experience faster, more reliable data transfers, a crucial factor for applications that depend on real-time data. Whether you're managing smart city infrastructure or industrial IoT systems, this upgrade ensures your devices operate more efficiently.

Seamless global integration

The new infrastructure in Australia complements our existing cores in the United States and Europe, forming a robust network that automatically selects the optimal route for data transmission. This triple-path connectivity ensures your IoT devices always benefit from the fastest and most reliable path available. Our customers in Australia will now enjoy the same high-quality service that Telnyx users worldwide have come to rely on.

A global vision for IoT

Telnyx is committed to providing unparalleled IoT connectivity worldwide. Our SIM cards offer coverage in over 180 countries, supported by more than 650 international roaming partners. This extensive network allows businesses to deploy IoT solutions globally with confidence. By maintaining direct relationships with local mobile network operators (MNOs), we ensure that our customers benefit from the latest network technologies and competitive rates.

Why choose Telnyx for IoT connectivity?

Telnyx offers several exciting benefits compared to competitiors:

Multi-IMSI technology

Telnyx SIM cards feature multi-IMSI technology, which means each SIM can connect to multiple local networks. This provides optimal coverage and rates while complying with local roaming regulations.

Reduced latency

Our direct roaming agreements with local MNOs ensure that data transfers do not suffer from latency caused by re-routing via third-party platforms. This leads to higher speed connectivity, essential for time-sensitive IoT applications.

Robust infrastructure

With local gateways and a multi-cloud architecture, Telnyx ensures high performance and low-latency connectivity. Our private fiber backbone fortifies security and reliability, making Telnyx a trusted partner for critical IoT deployments.

Cost-effective solutions

Pay $1 one-time-charge per SIM and only pay for the data you use, with plans as low as $0.01 per MB and low fees for inactive SIMs. See our pricing page for details.

Future-proof your IoT deployments in Australia

As the IoT landscape continues to grow, Telnyx is dedicated to expanding its infrastructure and capabilities. Our continuous investments in network upgrades and new technologies ensure that our customers are always ahead of the curve. From smart cities to healthcare IoT, our solutions are designed to meet the demands of tomorrow's connected world.

Telnyx's new infrastructure in Australia marks a significant step forward in our mission to provide world-class IoT connectivity. By leveraging our global network and advanced technologies, we are poised to support the next generation of IoT innovations. Experience the Telnyx difference and unlock the full potential of your IoT projects with our reliable and high-speed SIM card solutions.

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