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Telnyx Recommends Joining the Industry Traceback Group

At Telnyx we are proud to announce that we actively participate in the U.S. Telecom Industry Traceback Group (ITG).


By Fiona McDonnell

Telnyx joins ITG

What is ITG?

ITG is a collaborative effort between over 40 companies in the wireline, wireless, VoIP and cable industries to actively trace and identify the source of illegal robocalls.

ITG aims to be a neutral coordination platform for multiple service providers to trace and identify the source of illegal robocalls. The overall goal of the group is to protect voice networks and consumers from fraudulent, abusive, and/ or unlawful robocalls.

The ITG works by coordinating with federal and state law enforcement agencies to identify providers who are non-cooperative. Once these providers are identified, enforcement action can be taken. It operates under the Communications Act (Section 222(d) (2)) which permits telecommunications carriers to disclose and/or permit access to Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) if suspected fraud, abuse or unlawful use of services exist.

How does traceback work?

The system starts with the terminating provider that possesses evidence of suspicious traffic. This call is then traced back through various networks until it either: Reaches a non-responsive provider Identifies the originator of the suspicious call. The traceback is done using a secured portal that is managed by USTelecom.

In 2019, Congress passed the TRACED Act, which directed the Federal Communications Commission (the Commission) to designate a single consortium to process private industry traceback efforts. The Commission has designated U.S. Telecom to act as that direct consortium. As a participant, Telnyx strongly encourages every customer leveraging termination services through Telnyx to register as an ITG participant so that we can work together to end illegal robocalls and protect consumers from fraudulent behavior. We have updated our Terms and Conditions to reflect this new industry group and participation in it.

You can find more information on the Industry Traceback Group, take a look at the US Telecom website. If you’re interested in becoming a member, fill out the interest form and a representative from ITG will be in touch.

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