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How Telnyx Makes Your App More Flexible and Scalable

The Telnyx platform gives you control and conforms to your business model and growth, not the other way around.

By Josh Whitaker

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It’s common for applications developers to find themselves in this dilemma:

They need an embedded communications provider, but most providers deliver their service in different tiered packages and act as a gatekeeper to control over core carrier functionality. This constrains applications and service providers, it forces organizations to work within the model of their carrier and limits a company’s ability to scale up or evolve their product.

If you’re a provider or application developer, this probably sounds familiar.

So, how does a communications partner like Telnyx make applications and providers more dynamic and scalable?

Self-Serve Control of Communications Services

The Mission Control Portal enables users to configure the Telnyx platform to fit their needs. You can add and manage customers and services, provision new numbers, manage connections, set up SMS services and more—anytime, without contacting sales or customer support.

This significantly reduces sales cycles and minimizes the resources required for new implementations.

A Network that Scales With Your Business

Telnyx is built on a global IP network and a communication engine that spins up new SIP connections on demand. You pay only for the connections you’re using, rather than buying a service package and paying for expanded connectivity before you have the customers to use it. With Telnyx, your service expands with your usage.

On the other side, if you need to downsize, you can easily release whatever numbers and connections you don’t need, since there’s no contract.

Embedded Communications

In-app communication is important for making your app an everyday staple for users. If the user has to leave the app to connect with sales, customer support, or other users, it’s inconvenient and can increase abandonment.

The Telnyx API provides embedded communications so your app delivers the connectivity that makes applications indispensable. Voice communications, programmable SMS, and WebRTC (just to name a few) can all be implemented inside your app's interface with the Telnyx API. This gives your customers more usability and provides better data collection for your team, so you can focus your development efforts.

Additionally, the API delivers drop-in functionality that shortens development cycles, reduces maintenance costs, and provides embedded communications no matter how your app evolves.

Telnyx Helps Applications and Providers Expand in Any Direction

Ultimately, the Telnyx platform gives you control and conforms to your business model and growth, not the other way around, so you can add new features and services, and access new markets faster and at a lower cost.

About Telnyx

Telnyx is an intelligent communications platform that enables applications and providers to grow without economic or geographic barriers. Contact our customer success team to learn more.

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