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Telnyx Storage: Now Available in Beta

Be the first to experience lower-cost, lower-latency distributed object storage. Try for free today!

By Odhran Reidy

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We're excited to debut Telnyx Storage in beta. Businesses and developers building data-rich apps and experiences can now start building on our S3-compatible APIs and Filecoin-backed infrastructure.

Telnyx Storage is better cloud storage, for less

Cloud infrastructure is one of the biggest cost centers for any modern business building next-generation cloud-native apps, content-rich experiences, or data lakes for AI & ML. High per-GB fees limit your ability to scale, and costly egress fees charge you an extra ransom to access your own data.

Telnyx Storage is less expensive than major cloud players, with prices starting at $0.006 per GB, per month. That's more than 70% less than Amazon S3's entry-level storage pricing. And, unlike S3 and others, we'll never charge you egress fees to retrieve your objects from the cloud. Our prices for operations are also cheaper than the competition, so you can take full control over your data without worrying about your cloud bill.

Telnyx Storage leverages the power of the Filecoin network to offer a better, more affordable distributed storage service. Our sites across the US mean you can retrieve objects with lower latency and access them via the Filecoin network.

Telnyx Storage is for anyone building next-gen connected experiences

Digital-native brands, enterprises, and managed service providers using object storage from a cloud giant like Amazon's S3 could save money by switching to Telnyx Storage. We're building a better distributed object storage solution for cloud-native applications, content delivery networks, data lakes for AI & ML, backup and restore services, and more.

Getting started with Telnyx Storage is simple. Simply sign up for a Telnyx account and log into your Mission Control Portal to start creating your first Storage Buckets. Our quickstart guide will help you get up and running with our S3-compatible API, and our API reference documentation is an in-depth resource for every API endpoint.

If you're having trouble accessing the beta or using the API, simply reach out to our team using the chat popup in the portal.

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