Telnyx Touches Down in Singapore (Sydney, Here We Come, Mate)
News - 7.17.2018

Telnyx Touches Down in Singapore (Sydney, Here We Come, Mate)

Asia is open to Telnyx clients

We’re excited to announce the opening of a new point-of-presence in Singapore (SG1). Our private IP network can now take your cloud communications all the way around the globe. With the addition of Singapore, the Telnyx network consists of more than 55,000 miles of private fiber and 9 PoPs spread across North America, Europe, and now Asia.
By networking Singapore to our European and American data centers, we circumnavigated the world to bring the very best quality and reliability to every user whose call routes through our platform. Our network’s packets traverse the globe in 300-350ms round trip.
Our PoPs consist of edge routers, core routers and interconnection switching, and it takes our network team 12-18 hours to assemble all the necessary equipment.

Next up, we’re going down under

Sydney. The Aussies will be plugged in by August 2018. Continent by continent, we’re building a truly global platform that can connect the world.
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