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Getting started with TeXML Bin

Building calling into your applications as a non-developer just got easier.


By Fiona McDonnell

TeXML Bin - Mission Control UI

Telnyx’s low-code TexML Bin feature is now available in Mission Control.

What is TeXML?

While Voice APIs have made it simpler to add calling to applications, some can still be complex and time-consuming to set up. In 2019 Telnyx released TeXML Translater which made building XML-based applications with the Telnyx Voice API a lot faster.

By using a simple .xml file, TeXML allows users to specify call instructions in a .xml file using commands- making TeXML the quickest way to get started with Telnyx Voice API.

In-app calling made easy

To make adding voice calling to your application even easier, we’ve recently released TeXML Bin in the Mission Control Portal. The TeXML Bin is a user-friendly tool that enables those of us that are less technical to define TeXML documents without having to think about how they are stored, or worry about setting up application servers (phew!).

The TeXml Bin allows Telnyx users to upload TeXML definition to media storage and define a URL to it directly in the portal, with minimal code.

Using TeXML Bin

Let’s take a look at Telnyx TeXML Bin in action. Watch our demo with Lejla from our Solutions Engineering team to learn how to set up a simple voicemail demo app in just a couple of minutes.

Setting up a Voicemail application in the Mission Control Portal.

Start building programmable voice in your app now

TeXML Bin is can now be used by all Telnyx users today via the portal! Our templates support static and dynamic interactions and our developer team are working on creating more demos and tutorials, so it's even easier for you to get started.

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