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VIDEO: TeXML Setup Tutorial

Get started using Telnyx Programmable Voice by following along with this TeXML Setup tutorial and simple text-to-speech demo!


By Marlo Vernon

Video tutorial of how to set up TeXML

TeXML is Telnyx’s XML scripting language that makes it easy for developers—or even non-developers—to build voice into their applications.

TeXML specifies call instructions using commands called verbs and nouns such as <Dial> and <Number> to define call instructions. With TeXML, creating custom call flows becomes as simple as writing an XML file, allowing users to implement complex communication strategies with minimal coding. And with TeXML Bin, there’s no need for application servers!

To get started with TeXML, watch this 3 minute video tutorial or read through the written TeXML Setup tutorial. In this video, the Telnyx Voice API Product Manager Rafal walks through the process of creating a simple text-to-speech TeXML application by entering XML instructions in TeXML Bin, creating a TeXML app and pointing to those instructions, and assigning a number to that application.

Find these steps and more in the Developer Docs

All of the steps in the video can be found in the Developer Docs:

  • Creating a new TeXML Bin in the Mission Control Portal.
  • Copying the simple text-to-speech XML script from the written tutorial and pasting it into the newly created TeXML Bin.
  • Pointing your TeXML application to the TeXML instructions created in TeXML Bin.
  • Assigning a number to that application, and then calling the number to hear your text-to-speech message!

Contact a member of our team to learn more! Explore other TeXML tutorials in our Developer Docs.

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