Resource / 5.23.2018

The World’s First Cloud Voice Analytics [Case Study]

By Josh Whitaker
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We get excited about the potential of the Telnyx platform because we’re not just offering an internet alternative for high-fidelity communications. We’re expanding the potential of what communications can do when built on an innovative internet platform.
Take voice analytics—a burgeoning AI-powered field mining the wealth of information that a person’s voice reveals about their intentions and their conversations. That analysis can help identify known customers for more personalized service, stop fraud calls and reveal insights about caller mood and sentiment.
Telnyx takes this technology to the next level.
By leveraging the Telnyx platform and our bespoke internet communications infrastructure, the leading voice analytics company built the world’s first real-time voice analysis delivered from the cloud. Because, Telnyx enables:
  • API-powered calls
  • Real-time access to call audio and caller metadata
  • Global, private connectivity
Altogether, we can provide developer access to core carrier functions in a calling environment that is performant and resilient enough to support the sophisticated cloud functions this application required.
If interested in learning more, download our case study. You’ll learn how partnering with a full-stack cloud communication provider like Telnyx can:
  • Deliver true SaaS functionality for voice applications tied to call systems.
  • Make service delivery more flexible and more resilient.
  • Increase profit potential with automated scaling and a global addressable market.
  • Shorten implementation time and speed sales cycles.
  • Make maintenance easier and customers happier.

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