Two-Factor Authentication: Enhanced Security on Telnyx Accounts
Feature Release - 7.6.2018

Two-Factor Authentication: Enhanced Security on Telnyx Accounts

Enable Two-Factor Authentication to add another layer of security to your Telnyx account.

Added Security with 2FA

Two-factor authentication requires two methods of identification—your private password and a code sent to a personal phone number—to ensure no unauthorized persons can access your Telnyx account. Organization owners have the option to require two-factor authentication for all organization members.
Enabling 2FA
Go to your general Account Settings and scroll down to the Security section.
Enable two-factor authentication by verifying a personal phone number. You have the option to receive the code via SMS text or voice call.
After you’ve verified the number by entering the code, two-factor authentication is enabled on your account.
Every sign-in will trigger a new code to be entered before you can access the Telnyx portal:
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