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SMS integration: the key to business evolution

In this guest post from partner Bicom Systems, learn how integrating UCaaS & SMS can improve productivity & business results.


By Simon Verbiest

With 95% of consumers owning a mobile phone, it's a no-brainer that SMS integration plays a large role in the future of unified communications.

Our strategic partner, Bicom Systems, famous for their VOIP solution PBXware (powered by Telnyx), recently demonstrated this. gloCOM is a unified communications desktop application that features full SMS integration.

Unified communications through SMS / VoIP integration: the key to business evolution

Having clear lines of communication is one of the most important aspects of a successful business, at least one that aims to grow further and maintain its successful streak. To accomplish this, these communication channels need to be plentiful and varied to allow coworkers to reach one another with relative ease.

Bicom Systems always looks to expand upon existing business channels and to provide its clients with new ways to communicate with one another without making it feel too cumbersome. That desire to prioritize efficient communication channels is exactly why we’ve added a new road to our communication highway, SMS.

The importance of SMS integration

SMS integration refers to the process of connecting an SMS system with other software applications or platforms—including desktop computers—enabling them to send, receive, and process text messages. This integration allows businesses and organizations to automate and streamline communication processes, making it possible to send notifications, alerts, marketing messages, or other information via text message directly from their primary software or system. In this particular use case, Bicom uses it to augment 2 way customer interactions.

It might seem trivial, but the ability to send and receive SMS messages from your desktop can unlock interactions you'd otherwise miss. After all, text messages have a 98% average open rate and around 91% of all customers want to receive text messages from businesses over emails, thus tapping into SMS as a communication method is a smart move.

What benefits does SMS integration bring?

Now, this all sounds well and good, but what are the actual benefits of this feature?

Greater availability

Most consumers, and people in business in general, have access to a phone and thus have access to SMS messaging. However, they may not have your application or platform installed on their device. With SMS integration you can still reach them by sending an SMS—no pre-installed software required.

No need to check your phone

Constantly having to unlock your phone to check texts can be tedious, especially when you’re working. With an SMS-integrated UCaaS like ours, you can just receive them over our platform, keeping your focus on one screen instead of having to split it between multiple, leading to an increase in productivity and organization. It’s also a lot easier to type out a text over a physical keyboard than it is over a touchscreen, especially for business correspondence when accuracy and speed matter.

Protecting your need for privacy

Employees who want to use their personal phone as their main line of communication can use our product on their mobile devices while maintaining boundaries. They can receive business SMS to their personal phone using our app gloCOM GO without sharing their personal SMS or private phone number.

SMS history sync

Our gloCOM team continues to explore the full capabilities of our product’s SMS integration, discovering new ways to improve upon the functionality. We recently added an SMS history sync feature across all registered devices.

With this new improvement, customers can keep important conversations on every device without needing to check back and forth, reducing unnecessary tedium. These conversations can all be accessed offline, as the data is stored in conversation history.

Innovation through collaboration

The way we brought the benefits of SMS to our PBXware users was through one of our trusted partners, Telnyx. Telnyx helped us to integrate SMS into our platform and has been one of the cornerstones of our partner network ever since.

At the start, we mentioned that the key to a successful business is having clear and varied lines of communication, but the end goal is having more efficient collaboration between the many branches of the company.

This rule also applies outside of your company circle; it applies to the company’s partners too. The better and more fruitful the collaboration between the two, the more likely it is that you’ll discover new, mutually-beneficial ways of utilizing these partnerships.

Our friends at Telnyx have enabled us to do exactly that when we chose them as our SMS provider. By incorporating SMS via their Messaging API into our gloCOM platform, we were able to provide customers with another communication channel. This improved their end user interactions and, most of all, productivity. We look forward to building on this with Telnyx in the future!

To learn more about SMS / UCaaS integration, check out our upcoming joint webinar on November 14, 2023!

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