Networking • Last Updated 3/26/2024

Understanding edge routing for global applications

Overcome challenges and leverage multi-cloud services for delivering low-latency, highly available internet services globally.


By Fiona McDonnell

Maximize global app performance with edge routing

In our hyper-connected world, efficient and fail-proof routing of internet traffic is critical. While most rely on DNS, this comes with limitations, including suboptimal geographic routing and caching that deprive businesses of the control they need.

Watch this video to understand why multi-cloud solutions are important for global businesses and how you can leverage our network expertise to help increase your service performance and GTM efficiency.

What we'll discuss:

  • Edge routing explained: An overview of edge routing and how it overcomes DNS limitations
  • Multi-cloud failover benefits: How diversifying your infrastructure can boost redundancy, amplify reliability, and reduce costs
  • Live demo of Telnyx Global Edge Router: see Telnyx Global Edge Router in action, designed to provide instant, automatic failover between cloud providers

Manage low-latency, highly-available services anywhere in the world with confidence with Global Edge Router.

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