Using Analytics to Enhance Customer Experience

Using Analytics to Enhance Customer Experience

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Your customer experience is evaluated on both the quality and efficiency of support. Successful contact centers find the right balance between the two, providing solutions to customer problems while reducing call times, limiting transfers, improving agent performance, etc.
Striking the perfect CX balance requires proper measurement and analysis of customer interactions to identify opportunities for improvement. Are agent call scripts effective? Are customers bypassing your IVR to speak with live agents? Contact center analytics can provide valuable customer insights, leading to better revenue growth and customer retention rates.
Data can also be used to analyze and improve agent performance. For example, call recordings are a great tool for agent training and coaching. And contact centers can use analytics to measure CX efficacy throughout the customer journey and across each touchpoint (e.g., chat, phone, email, etc.).

Speech Analytics

There is a wealth of insight hidden within your customer interactions. Speech analytics is the process of monitoring and extracting that information to analyze sentiment (e.g., emotions, stress, etc.), agent performance, customer satisfaction, etc.

Text Analytics

Much like speech analytics, text analytics looks for meaning in customer conversations, focusing on written communications instead of verbal. Text analytics can be used to analyze call transcripts, surveys, emails and other text documents to improve customer interactions across all channels.

Predictive Analytics

Just as the name implies, predictive analytics can be used to examine customer behavior and past performance to predict future actions, helping prepare agents and proactively solve customer problems.

Cross-Channel Analytics

Cross-channel analytics is an essential process when developing an omnichannel contact center strategy. It enables you to track customer conversations across all channels, bringing all your data together in one place to identify trends, preferences and other insights.

Desktop Analytics

Improving CX often begins with self-assessment — in particular, how well your agents, processes and technology work together. Desktop analytics capture agent activity to ensure system functionality, identify process gaps and tie customer conversations to agent actions.

IVR Analytics

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems are often a customer’s first stop along the support journey, and negative experiences with your automated systems can have a huge impact on CX. With IVR analytics, you can gain insight into call flow, agent transfers, customer dropout, call containment and more, helping you optimize your IVR experience for better customer interactions.
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