[Webinar] DIY: Building a Next-Gen Carrier6/3/2018

SMS For Customer Engagement [Webinar]

We're talking about a different kind of telco: software-first, internet-centric and built for ambitious applications that are too agile and too cutting-edge for the likes of AT&T and Verizon. By “software-itizing” high-fidelity voice and messaging services—that is, making them configurable via self-serve cloud portal and embeddable via API—cloud communications providers can meet modern business needs without sacrificing call quality or scalability.
From navigating regulations in dozens of countries to implementing PSTN backwards compatibility to legacy telcos, building a next-gen carrier is no easy task. But, it makes for better-quality, lower-cost communication services that align with the flexible, global approach that digital companies take to doing business.
After watching this video, you’ll learn the answers to:
  • How are internet and cloud technologies changing telecom?
  • What kind of infrastructure and tech do CPaaS providers sit on?
  • What are the advantages of cloud communications?
  • How do you differentiate between true carriers and VoIP resellers?
  • How will cloud communications lead to a smaller, better-connected world?
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