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Why a Multi-Cloud Strategy is the Smart Solution

Every once in a while someone will break the internet. Don’t let your employees—or your customers—be left in the dark as well.

By Dan Palmer

Ensure reliable communications with connections to AWS, Google and Azure

Why a multi-cloud strategy is a savvy, sustainable solution for scaling.

Startups and scaleups face many challenges, not the least of which is managing the new-found complexities of rapid growth. Capturing additional market share—or geographic expansion—often requires a reassessment of strategy and an expansion of operations for which many companies secure outside investment.

Redundancy and Resiliency

While challenges vary considerably from company to company, one risk is universal: if customers cannot access a product or service, they are unlikely to pay for it. This holds just as true for digital startups as it does for legacy businesses. How can you run a brick and mortar store if the roads leading to it suddenly disappeared? How can you run a digital storefront if your cloud service provider goes down?

“Telnyx had the technology and feature set we needed, but understanding the care that went into prioritizing network architecture made us confident we were making the right decision.”
  • Dayton Turner, Ooma VP of Enterprise Product
  • These might seem a bit far-fetched, but it’s actually more common than you might think. Microsoft has outages. Google has outages. Even Amazon—which powers more than half the web—has outages. We have come to depend on these large service providers to serve as the backbone of the modern economy, but they are not perfect. Network Hero

    Every once in a while, someone will break the internet. And if your app goes down, don’t let your employees—or your customers—be left in the dark as well.

    That is why we built Telnyx differently from the ground up. Our unique approach means consistent, reliable network quality and availability, even when a cloud provider goes down.

    About Telnyx

    At Telnyx, we are a cloud-agnostic communications platform that has the highest uptime of anyone in the industry. With our 10 global Points-of-Presence, private fibre backbone, and multi-cloud infrastructure we are able to keep you connected in every situation.

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