Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

Man brings own carrier to Telnyx

Unbundle your communications and control your telephony

Unified communications platforms make it easy to collaborate with colleagues and customers, but they don’t always have the telco infrastructure required deliver reliable and affordable calling, on a global scale. Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) solutions from Telnyx allow businesses to decouple their telephony provider from their UC platform. Now, organizations can stay on the platforms they know and love, while expanding and improving their systems—from clearer-sounding calls to more versatile numbering solutions to real-time performance monitoring.


High-quality voice

Host your calls on Telnyx’s private, multi-cloud IP network to bypass the public internet, increase security, reduce latency and access crystal clear voice.


Global points of presence for low-latency communications

Connect globally

Expand your reach with local numbers and communicate with customers and colleagues around the world on your favorite platform.


markets where Telnyx has local numbers

Flexible pricing

As a carrier Telnyx offers competitive pricing. Choose to pay as you go or buy calling bundles for domestic calling in the US and Canada–no contract or commit required.


ways to pay

How it works
  1. 1

    Find your communications platform

    Take a look at our supported platforms in our developer docs to see if your preferred platform is one Telnyx partners with.

  2. 2

    Sign up to Telnyx Mission Control

    Get started quickly by creating a self-service Telnyx account. Sign-up only takes a few minutes through our intuitive UI.

  3. 3

    Follow the simple guide

    Every communications platform is different, so our team has written custom configuration guides for each of the platforms we support for a seamless setup.

  4. 4

    Start talking with customers

    Test your setup by making calls to the PSTN through your UC platform and hear the difference in call quality for yourself.


Global high-quality voice at your fingertips

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    The benefits of direct routing for MS Teams

    Direct routing allows Teams users to bring their own carrier to the platform so they can have PSTN access on their favorite communications platform.

  • Icon Resources Docs

    Configuration guides to help you get started

    Our Bring Your Own Carrier Guides will help you integrate your Telnyx telephony system with your favorite communications application or platform.

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    Zoom Phone Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) with Telnyx

    Learn how you can use Telnyx as a carrier to make and receive calls to and from the PSTN with Zoom Phone.

Ready to use Telnyx as your telephony provider?

BYOC stands for “Bring Your Own Carrier.” BYOC is a strategy that businesses leverage to unbundle telephony service from 3rd party platforms such as contact centers, conferencing or unified communications platforms. Third party platforms that offer BYOC allows businesses to choose the carrier they want to power their communications.