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Zoom Phone Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) with Telnyx

Learn how you can use Telnyx as a carrier to make and receive calls to and from the PSTN with Zoom Phone.


By Fiona McDonnell

Zoom Phone and Telnyx

What is Zoom Phone?

Zoom Phone is a feature-rich cloud phone solution for businesses of all sizes. With Zoom Phone, businesses have:

  • Centralized management portal to provision, manage users and intelligent monitor business interactions
  • Secure and reliable high-quality audio with enterprise-grade reliability and quality of service.

What is BYOC?

BYOC stands for “Bring Your Own Carrier”. BYOC is a strategy that businesses leverage to unbundle telephony service from 3rd party platforms such as contact centers, conferencing or unified communications platforms. 3rd party platforms that offer BYOC allow businesses to choose the carrier they want to power their communications.

Why are businesses developing BYOC strategies?

BYOC is a common strategy for businesses that use 3rd party contact center, conferencing and unified communications platforms. By bringing their own carrier to these platforms, companies can leverage established vendor relationships while maintaining more control and flexibility to select the telephony partner that meets their needs from a global scale, quality and cost perspective.

What is Zoom Phone BYOC?

Zoom Phone BYOC provides businesses with the flexibility to keep their current PSTN or telephony provider by redirecting existing voice circuits to the Zoom Phone cloud, or implement a hybrid solution with Zoom Calling Plans.This allows customers to enjoy all of the benefits and features of Zoom Phone while keeping their existing service provider contracts, phone numbers, and calling rates with their preferred carrier of record.

Why choose Telnyx as your telephony provider on Zoom Phone?

  • Global Connectivity: Telnyx is a leading provider of global connectivity, helping businesses scale quickly while eliminating the need for multiple connectivity partners in different regions. Telnyx offers exceptional global reach with coverage in over 145 countries and PSTN replacement in over 30 countries. Telnyx’s PSTN replacement offers the same features you would get if you were using a local operator, including:

    • Inbound and outbound local calling
    • Local and national number resources
    • Emergency service-enabled numbers (E911 in the US)
    • Calling Line Identity (CLI) passthrough
    • Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signaling
    • Number portability
  • Private, High-Quality Voice IP Network: Telnyx's private, multi-cloud IP network keeps voice calls off the public internet, increasing security while reducing latency and delivering crystal-clear voice quality. In addition, Telnyx utilizes the wide bandwidth AMR-WB codec to provide superior speech quality.

  • Ease of Migration & Management: Telnyx self-service portal and purpose-built APIs makes connectivity migration and management a breeze.

    • Port numbers in just a few days using Telnyx’s Fast Port
    • Search, provision and connect numbers to Zoom Phone in minutes
    • Access to debugging and quality of service tools
  • Flexible Pricing: As a licensed carrier, Telnyx offers competitive, carrier-direct pricing. Voice bundles help to streamline your communications costs and allow you to choose a package that best suits your business needs. Our bundles include a US DID and E911.

  • Dedicated Support: Working directly with a licensed carrier gives you direct access for troubleshooting and feature development. With Telnyx, you also receive our award-winning customer 24/7/365 support without additional contract fees and access to the Telnyx self service portal so you can easily manage your connectivity.

How do I connect Telnyx to my Zoom Phone BYOC?

Telnyx is available today as a provider on the Zoom Phone Provider Exchange. Zoom Phone customers can navigate to the Provider Exchange menu in their Admin portal and search for Telnyx. Once they click connect, customers can create a Telnyx account. Once the Telnyx account is created, customers can use the Telnyx External Connections interface to create an external connection to Zoom Phone and provision Telnyx numbers to their Zoom Phone account.

Where can I learn more?

You can learn more about Telnyx as a Zoom Phone provider on our wesbite our in our self-service portal. Sign-up to the Telnyx Portal and test out our Zoom set-up by navigating to the Voice tab on the left-side menu, clicking on SIP Trunking and heading to the External Voice Integrations section.

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