Use Case

Embedded porting

Man processes embedded porting request

Automate porting for your end-users

Take the hassle out of porting for your customers by leveraging Telnyx Porting APIs in your own application. Check number portability, create a draft order and view available FOC dates before submitting porting orders to ensure a stress-free experience. Delight your users by giving them complete control and transparency at every stage of the porting process.


Proactively identify errors

Automatically check customer service record (CSR) information before submitting your port request to ensure a smooth switch.



Empower your users

Your customers can control their own ports with complete visibility in your application—made possible by our next-gen APIs.


For a seamless user experience

Help when you need it

Our award-winning support and engineering teams are on hand 24/7/365 if you need help setting up your new environment or if issues arise with your end-users.


Support, all year round.

How it works
  1. 1

    Set up your Mission Control account

    Get started with Telnyx by setting up a Mission Control account and checking out our Porting API. It only takes a few minutes of setup.

  2. 2

    Build on full documented APIs

    Integrate Telnyx APIs into your platform by following our quickstart guides and extensive developer documentation. Our developer docs are frequently updated and improved.

  3. 3

    Let your users take total control

    Enable your customers to create and submit their own port orders in your interface—when and where they need them. Easily set thresholds that make sense for your app.

  4. 4

    Help them stay in control and improve transparency

    Schedule cutover times, make edits to requests and track porting status with complete transparency from start to finish.


Stress-free porting is possible

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    Ooma offers porting via Telnyx APIs

    Ooma integrated with Telnyx APIs, so their customers can search for, port or buy numbers seamlessly via their portal.

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    Test our number porting API

    Take the hassle out of number porting with next-gen communication APIs that are easy to integrate with your systems.

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    How to check if your number can be ported

    Find out if your number can be ported with our easy-to-use number portability checker.

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Number porting is the process of taking an existing phone number and transferring it from one communications provider to another. Businesses may choose to port numbers in order to gain better service or cheaper rates with a new provider.