Use Case

Order tracking for last mile delivery

Package gets delivered while tracked

Build SMS alerts into your order tracking software

Order tracking platforms like last mile delivery require complex logic, including GPS, driver information and more. Today’s customers expect clear updates on their order status throughout the delivery process. With the Telnyx Messaging API, building customer order management software and services has never been easier.


Performant SMS notifications

Our customers typically save 30% when switching to Telnyx for Messaging, without compromising performance or quality.


Typical savings on Messaging costs

Developer-friendly, scalable SMS API

Among SMS API providers, Telnyx consistently wins awards for its results and ease-of-use. We take care of the details as you scale, so you don’t have to.


Ranked API for Results and Ease of Use by G2

A single API for global notifications

Telnyx’s all-in-one Messaging API can send notifications to your customers around the world.


Country codes supported

How It Works
  1. 1

    Build SMS logic into your order status software

    Purchase an appropriate phone number and connect your logic to our Messaging API, then set-and-forget. Set up triggers in your application to send delivery updates based on GPS location, real time tracking data, or certain events (e.g., last mile delivery process has started).

  2. 2

    Send status updates programmatically via messaging API

    Based on your logic, Telnyx will trigger an SMS or voice notification to your customer to provide valuable information about their order status. This could be anything from an order confirmation to real-time updates about an impending delivery.

  3. 3

    Wait for your customers to respond accordingly

    Depending on the situation, customers may choose to reschedule, cancel or simply wait for the delivery. In any case, they have a better experience as a result of your timely notifications regarding their orders.

  4. 4

    Capture data for future efficiency gains

    Leverage SMS as a way to collect data for routes (i.e. tagging numbers and creating number pools for each route) to measure KPIs and inform data driven improvements to delivery solutions


Keep customers informed with order tracking software

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    Messaging API documentation for order tracking software

    Our Messaging API supports SMS messages and MMS from 10DLC, toll free numbers, mobile and more. Learn how to build order status updates for your customers into your application.

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    Tutorial: Send an order notification message with Python

    Learn how to send an order status message programmatically using the Telnyx Messaging API.

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    Port existing numbers for order tracking

    Do you have a toll-free or similar number which you would also like to send and receive order updates from? Check out our Hosted SMS guide.


By using the Telnyx Messaging API, you can set and forget order status updates, receive replies from customers and more.