Enable your CRM with SMS using the Telnyx Messaging API

Create an SMS CRM via the Telnyx Messaging API

Build your own SMS CRM with our easy-to-use API

Building a CRM takes time and effort - not only are there technical considerations, but it needs to be compliant with appropriate data and privacy restrictions. Enabling CRM software with texting adds additional challenges around number type and delivery. Our Messaging API empowers developers to implement CRM SMS in 30 minutes or less.

Connect your CRM to SMS via our messaging API.

Set up a Telnyx account, purchase required phone numbers and complete any required registrations by working in our self-service Mission Control portal. Work closely with our acclaimed expert support team to iron out any issues. Build out an SMS service for your CRM test SMS sales sends or even make an SMS bot to engage sales leads.


Inbuilt logic and expert support to ensure your SMS CRM sends are compliant and get delivered

From simple things like removing anyone on your contact list who replied “STOP” to more complex concerns such as ensuring you complete appropriate phone number registrations - Messaging API and expert team are dedicated to ensuring your CRM SMS sends work correctly.


SMS CRM via an easy API

Questions on setup? Talk to our experts


Ready to Get Started?

Questions on setup? Talk to our experts

Frequently Asked Questions about SMS CRM

Yes! We do not charge for incoming messages.

If you want to automate a CRM SMS, you can have your application / service connect to our API as part of its logic.

Yes! Either by using a CRM that has SMS capability or building your own.

By purchasing a messaging-enabled phone number and then following our SMS / MMS setup guide.

You can connect your automated support / sales agents to Telnyx's Messaging API as you would any other application! We'll take care of the messaging part including opt-in / opt-out, delivery receipts where applicable, and more.