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Lighthouse Works is a mission-driven social enterprise that creates careers and enhances the lives of professionals living with blindness or visual impairments. The organization is a subsidiary of Lighthouse Central Florida, the only private nonprofit provider of life-changing vision rehabilitation services in the region with a mission of “living, learning, and earning with vision loss.”

Lighthouse Works aims to accomplish the “earning” mission by providing cost-effective business solutions for call center management, digital accessibility services, and supply chain management powered by a uniquely talented workforce. Telnyx is proud to power both Lighthouse Works’ internal telephony system and external contact center.

By using Telnyx’s SIP Trunking services, Lighthouse Works was able to maintain their call center in house, easily scale and enable 80% of their employees to work from home, and debug issues without middlemen using Telnyx’s Mission Control Portal.

The problem: voice costs adding up

Lighthouse Works originally used Genesys Cloud CX end-to-end for their VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) needs, but after seeing their monthly phone bills pile up, they decided to look for a more cost-effective solution.

Finding the right voice provider

Lighthouse Works’s main goal was to find a solution that could grow with them as they expanded in over 20 states and scaled from an 80-person company to nearly 500 employees. In doing so, they wanted to provide their operations with the best available toolkit to support all their telephony needs and empower them to have full insight into their calls. The team at Lighthouse Works began surveying the market for a voice provider that would align with these goals of fast distributed growth.

Lighthouse Works was looking for a provider that was cost-effective, had quick and efficient customer support, self-serve reporting, and debugging tools. The team wanted to avoid the recurring pain of delayed customer support and mediating with multiple parties to troubleshoot routing and calling issues.

Lighthouse Works ultimately chose Telnyx as their voice provider for our competitive pay-as-you-go pricing, our easy-to-use portal with debugging and reporting, and quick customer support. “We were impressed with Telnyx’s product flexibility and the ability to manage the solution end-to-end ourselves,” said Ryan Brown, Lighthouse Works VP of Operations.

Instead of having to schedule a call to fix a problem, Lighthouse Works found great value in being able to debug on their own in the Mission Control Portal. With access to call detail reports (CDRs) they now offer a superior experience to their customers when issues arise. Moreover, Telnyx delivered on automated number provisioning where other providers couldn’t, facilitating quicker onboarding of new customers for Lighthouse.

Easy migration to Telnyx

Using Telnyx's BYOC (Bring Your Own Carrier) service made migrating BPO and contact center traffic from Genesys Cloud to Telnyx a smooth process. “It’s been incredible working with Telnyx,” Brown shared. “The speed at which Telnyx operates is similar to ours.”

A seamless migration to Telnyx on the backend, resulted in no user experience change on the frontend, which is always ideal when integrating a new system.

Continuing to grow with Telnyx

Lighthouse Works prides itself on "white-glove” customer experience, promising to greet customers with a voice, not a voicemail. Telnyx has been able to power hundreds of employees throughout the U.S. to work from home through SIP Trunking capabilities in order to provide that personalized experience with a human on the other end of a call.

“While the service that Telnyx is providing is pretty simple for us, we are seeing a shift to AI,” said Brown. With a highly-skilled and knowledgeable workforce, Lighthouse Works is actively adopting new technology to empower their agents to offer an ever improving experience on behalf of their customers.

As they work toward this and continued growth Ryan said, “We’ll look to Telnyx to help us build the best solution.”


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