Say “no” to vendor lock-in and switch to TeXML in 5 minutes without changing your existing XML code. TeXML is a dynamic, low-code programmable voice solution that allows users to easily build custom call flows.

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Dynamic, low-code programmable voice

Easily build programmable voice applications in Telnyx's XML scripting language, TeXML. TeXML specifies call instructions using commands called verbs and nouns such as <Dial> and <Number>. Start building today on the world’s number one most implementable CPaaS platform.


Build voice applications on one easy-to-use platform

Everything you need to build voice applications on an intuitive platform using little code. Build, store assets, and integrate your systems all in one place.

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    Migrate your XML application

    If you already have an XML application using programmable voice verbs, simply configure your Telnyx portal connection to point at your XML endpoint. When a call comes in, we’ll do the rest.

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    Build a new XML application

    Write a new application in minutes using simple TeXML commands—called verbs—which you wrap in an XML file. Telnyx will then execute the commands in your XML file in order.

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    TeXML Bin

    Upload TeXML files to storage and use them for call flows without having to code. Developers—or even non-developers—can quickly and easily add programmable voice features to applications without having to worry about setting up application servers.

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    HTTP requests in TeXML Bin

    Integrate your systems using HTTP requests from a TeXML file without needing your own server-side application. Retrieve required information for call flows from external systems and send notifications to any REST API.


Say “no” to vendor lock-in

Migrate in minutes and save on development time and resources.


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Pay-as-you-go pricing

Telnyx’s pay-as-you-go pricing ensures you only pay for what you use. The average customer saves 30% when switching to Telnyx.


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Make calls on every platform, everywhere

Get instant local, national and toll-free numbers anywhere on earth, and scale on demand with unlimited capacity.



Create a Telnyx account at portal.telnyx.com and purchase a phone number. Then, make your way to the TeXML page and create your first TeXML application.

Start building

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    TeXML Setup Tutorial

    In this guide, you'll learn how to get started with TeXML and write a simple text-to-speech TeXML application using Telnyx Programmable Voice in just five lines of code.

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    Getting started with TeXML Bin

    Watch our demo with Lejla from our Solutions Engineering team to learn how to set up a simple voicemail demo app in just a couple of minutes using TeXML Bin.

  • Icon Resources Docs

    Twilio to Telnyx migration guide for programmable voice

    Migrate your existing TwiML code to TeXML in just a few simple steps to start saving on voice costs.

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Customers typically save 30% by switching to Telnyx, with lower list pricing and automatic volume discounts.

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What can you build with TeXML?


TeXML is an XML-based data structure you can use to control calls with Telnyx. TeXML is the quickest way to get started with Programmable Voice using a simple .xml file, allowing you to specify call instructions in your file using commands called verbs and nouns. TeXML Translator starts at the top of your TeXML file and executes your TeXML commands sequentially in the order they are arranged in the file. Read our article "What is TeXML?" to learn more!