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Improving frontline engagement through millions of conversations

goHappy helps the world’s leading frontline brands maximize employee engagement, ultimately boosting their bottom line with an award-winning workforce engagement platform. Built with the Telnyx Messaging API, goHappy sends millions of messages per month to frontline employees in the U.S and Canada.

Notifications, CEO communications, surveys and more

goHappy effectively utilizes the Telnyx Messaging API, addressing a range of critical internal communication needs, including:

  • Employee Notifications: Texting frontline employees with vital information related to HR and Operations, such as open enrollment for benefits
  • CEO Communications: Direct messages from the CEO to maintain transparency and a strong leadership presence.
  • Engagement surveys: Regular check-ins with employees to understand the mood on the ground, such as onboarding surveys at the 7th, 30th, and 90th-day anniversary.
  • Reminders: Birthday and work anniversary reminders to foster a sense of belonging and appreciation.

These communications are primarily conveyed through Toll-Free numbers and Short Codes, with a significant emphasis on texting keywords. This method has enabled goHappy to dispatch approximately 3 million operational notifications per month. In contrast, many businesses which don’t use goHappy rely on inefficient, antiquated methods like bulletin-boards and call trees.

Cutting administration time by switching to Telnyx

Prior to adopting Telnyx, goHappy used services from two alternative vendors, but faced challenges with customer support and a lack of innovative solutions. They also found that core compliance processes (especially for Toll Free Numbers) consumed huge amounts of staff time - time they could have spent building better software.

Since integrating the Telnyx Messaging API, goHappy has observed several measurable improvements:

  • Improved Issue Resolution: Telnyx's responsiveness to tickets and issues raised - especially those related to Carriers - has significantly enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Reduced Verification Time: The introduction of the Toll-Free Verification API by Telnyx has notably reduced the time spent on toll-free number verifications by at least 80%, a critical improvement as businesses transition from shared shortcodes to Toll-Free numbers.
  • Significant Savings: Compared to their previous two vendors, goHappy found they were saving as much as 50% per month on their Messaging spend through Telnyx- and the quality of their service improved as well!

Building for a conversational, AI-assisted future

Looking ahead, goHappy plans to further expand its messaging capabilities in collaboration with Telnyx, including allowing employees to respond to surveys via SMS - significantly improving response rates.

goHappy is currently implementing conversational AI to provide first-line responses to employee enquiries, whilst also continuing to expand Messaging volume.

Excitingly, they are also experimenting with Telnyx’s Inference and Storage APIs, using them to better capture, digest and train AI to better support frontline workers.

“The support from Telnyx has been amazing,” writes goHappy CTO Daniel Alloway. David Jessup, goHappy’s Engineering Director adds, “We’ve already seen big wins and we’re excited for what we can do next with the Telnyx platform.”

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