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increase in messaging volume since moving to Telnyx


enterprise customers won due to flexible pricing


revenue increase for customers using OneText

Starting small with a prior vendor

OneText, a Y-Combinator backed startup, has revolutionized the messaging industry by enabling customers to boost their texting revenue by 30% through text-to-buy and two way conversations.

Initially, OneText was using another vendor for messaging services. However, they faced many challenges, including high costs, insufficient support, and inaccurate compliance-related estimates, such as throughput predictions. It was in the face of these hurdles that Jonathan Fudem, the founder of OneText, decided to switch to Telnyx as their primary global SMS provider.

Rapid scaling with Telnyx

The move to Telnyx marked the beginning of an exciting growth trajectory for OneText. Their messaging throughput, and consequently their business, has since experienced a remarkable 200-fold increase. According to Fudem, the company has secured big enterprise brands through intricate deals thanks to the flexible and competitive pricing offered by Telnyx.

OneText has also significantly scaled up its number offerings, something that they believe would have taken longer had they stuck with their prior vendor.

A bright future

OneText's future plans include refining its number strategy and integrating AI with messaging to enable smart replies.

"It's been really exciting to grow with Telnyx, which has become one of the most important layers in our tech stack," said Fudem.

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