Better cloud storage, for less.

Telnyx Storage is distributed cloud storage evolved — lower cost, lower latency, and S3-compatible APIs for easy migration.

Questions? Check out our pricing & free trial.

Better cloud storage, for less.

Questions? Check out our pricing & free trial.

How Telnyx Storage works

Modern, distributed infrastructure in the fastest growing cities in the US means your applications can retrieve objects with super low latency. Low-cost storage on the Filecoin blockchain network means you save money moving from cloud giants, and your data is always accessible.

If you're a Filecoin Storage Provider (SP), you can apply to support Telnyx Storage and participate in more deals.


  • Data lake

    Support data analytics, AI / ML, and high-performance compute (HPC) applications for lower cost.
  • Cloud-native applications

    Build the next generation of content-rich, cloud-native apps and services thanks to low-latency object retrieval at the edge.
  • Backup & restore services

    Get peace-of-mind backups at lower costs, with quicker recovery times thanks to more local storage.
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

    Give your audience a lower-latency, more reliable experience, with always-accessible objects stored at the edge.
Why Decentralized Storage Based on Web3 Technology Will Ultimately Replace Many Public Cloud-Based Storage Services
Ashish Nadkarni
Group Vice President and General Manager, Worldwide Infrastructure
  • “In an era in which IT services are crucial in achieving business objectives, concerns about data privacy and cyber resiliency are top of mind for CIOs. Web3 technologies like Filecoin offer a compelling value proposition to IT Decision Makers seeking to meet compliance and regulatory requirements in a budget friendly manner

Pay less for storage

Telnyx Storage costs $0.015 / GB / month, with no egress fees, ever.

Our free tier is more than enough for independent developers and small organizations, and helps larger operations trial the platform risk-free.

Access your objects faster

Build and scale future-proof, lightning fast Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for your cutting-edge cloud-native applications—from AR/VR to autonomous vehicles to 8K streaming and beyond.

Our distributed storage network makes low-latency object retrieval more accessible than ever.

Migrate easily with S3-compatible APIs

Work with the tools your developers already use and love.

Our APIs are built from the ground-up to match S3's capabilities, so you can migrate easily, and keep building without losing momentum.

Data sovereignty, assured

Telnyx Storage has built-in encryption and thorough redundancy on the Filecoin network, which continuously validates that your files are stored correctly.

The result? Your data is secure, non-censorable and always accessible.


S3 Telnyx Storage
Storage $0.023 / GB / month $0.015 / GB / month
Egress fees $0.09 / GB (first 100GB free) Zero
Class A operations
$5 / million $3 / million
State-read operations
(all others including GET, SELECT)
$0.40 / million $0.25 / million

Get 10GB of storage, 1 million class A operations and 10 million class B operations per month. Free, forever, for every user.

Questions? Talk to a Storage expert about committed-use discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Telnyx Storage

Telnyx Storage is a distributed storage service that runs on S3-compatible APIs, but at a lower cost, so you can plug and play your S3-native data analytics, backup & restore services, and content delivery networks while saving costs.

Telnyx Storage works just like any other distributed cloud storage service. You can store and read data via API, or using the Telnyx Mission Control Portal. Your data is hosted on your choice of one of ten points of presence (and backed up with redundant data copies), situated in the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States, meaning your applications can access this data with low latency.

With Telnyx Storage, you can build applications that access objects stored in the cloud. These can be artificial intelligence or machine learning applications that learn from large amounts of data, backup & restore applications that keep your business running when the unexpected happens, content delivery networks (CDNs) that seamlessly serve rich content to your audience everywhere, or cloud-native apps that run smoothly no matter the demands placed on your infrastructure.

Telnyx Storage is less expensive than the competition. At $0.015 per month to store a gigabyte of data, you'll save over 30% when you switch from Amazon S3's entry-level storage tiers. And, unlike the competition, you won't pay egress fees to retrieve your data from our service. That means you can build your applications with confidence, knowing that our pricing is never going to limit your scale.

Telnyx Storage is also more modern than the competition. We leverage the power of the blockchain to give you a better distributed storage service. Your files are stored on the Filecoin network, a decentralized protocol that continuously validates that your files are stored correctly. That means the data you store with Telnyx Storage is non-censorable, non-corruptible, and always available — even in the unlikely event that our APIs are not.

Telnyx Storage is ready for you to try for free! Simply sign up for a Telnyx account, log into the portal and start creating Storage buckets and uploading files. You can also check out our API documentation to start using our S3-compatible endpoints.

Telnyx Storage costs $0.015 per gigabyte of data stored, per month. That's over 30% less than S3's entry-level storage costs. And unlike some competitors, we don't charge egress fees for your data, so you don't pay to access your data.

All types of operations on your data are also lower-cost than the competition, at $3 per million state-changing operations (PUT, COPY, POST, LIST) and $0.25 per million state-reading operations (all others not listed above, including GET, SELECT).

We're designing Telnyx Storage from the ground-up for people who are already using S3. Our APIs have plug-and-play compatibility with S3's API, so you can simply point your applications from S3 to Telnyx Storage and keep everything running seamlessly.

If you're still concerned about migrating, our team is more than happy to work with you to ensure your migration is easy, simple, quick, and painless, so you can stop worrying about migration and start enjoying the benefits of our lower costs and latency.

Telnyx Storage uses the Filecoin network to ensure your stored files are non-censorable, non-corruptible, and always available—even in the unlikely event that our APIs are not.

Filecoin is a blockchain storage protocol that continuously validates that files are stored correctly. Telnyx handles all of our interactions with the Filecoin network independently, so you don't need to be a crypto expert to enjoy the benefits of this technology. By building our service on this battle-tested protocol, we're leveraging the power of the blockchain to provide a next-generation distributed storage experience to our users.

Yes. You'll have the option to encrypt objects natively via our API when adding them to a Telnyx Storage bucket.

Alternatively, you can also handle the encryption offline, encrypting files to your own specifications before adding them to a Telnyx Storage bucket.