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Your step-by-step guide to 10DLC brand registration

Master 10DLC brand registration to enhance customer engagement and meet compliance. Navigate the process with our six-step guide.


By Emily Bowen

Today’s consumers expect instant communication, meaning businesses must constantly seek innovative ways to engage with their audiences. 10DLC is a powerful yet underutilized tool reshaping the landscape of application-to-person (A2P) messaging in the US. But why should businesses and marketers pay attention to 10DLC?

Understanding and correctly using 10DLC can significantly impact your business's communication strategy. It offers your audience a direct and personalized channel while helping you navigate the complexities of regulations and carrier guidelines. This post explains the what, why, and how of 10DLC and its brand registration process. Use our six-step guide to register your brand with any carrier, and learn answers to common 10DLC questions.

What is 10DLC?

10DLC (10-digit long code) numbers let businesses send A2P text messages directly to individuals using a local number. Carriers have implemented this system to ensure businesses can reach out to customers in a trusted and regulated way, avoiding the pitfalls of spam and ensuring messages are welcome.

Essentially, the 10DLC classification focuses on making your business communications feel as personal and direct as chatting with a friend while ensuring your business stays compliant with best practices. Virtually all SMS and MMS sent by a business—even if manually triggered by a human—is considered A2P and, therefore, must be sent using 10DLC.

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What is 10DLC brand registration, and why is it important?

10DLC brand registration is when you officially link your messaging campaigns to a recognized and approved 10DLC number. As we noted above, carriers require you to register your brand for any A2P messaging. Successfully completing the registration is like getting a badge of authenticity that tells the world you're the real deal.

Registering your brand for 10DLC lays the foundation for successful, respectful communication with your audience. It allows you to leverage the power of SMS marketing effectively and responsibly, ensuring your messages are recognized and delivered.

Key benefits of 10DLC brand registration

Successfully completing 10DLC brand registration is your gateway to accessing several strategic advantages:

Enhanced deliverability

When carriers and networks recognize your numbers as registered and above board, it's like giving them a straight shot at your audience's inboxes. This boost in deliverability is thanks to the trust carriers have in brands that take the time to register. It means your messages are far more likely to be seen, read, and acted upon because they won’t get caught in spam filters.

Increased trust

Think of registration as your brand's promise to the world that you're all about honesty and integrity. It's a powerful statement that amplifies customers’ confidence in your brand, leads to deeper customer relationships, and lifts your brand's reputation.

Assurance of compliance

With ever-changing regulations and guidelines, 10DLC brand registration offers peace of mind that your SMS marketing efforts are compliant, minimizing the risk of penalties or disruptions. This assurance lets you focus on crafting impactful messages, knowing your operations align with industry standards.

The following section will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure your business is fully prepared and compliant for effective SMS marketing with 10DLC. This step-by-step approach will simplify the registration process, making it accessible and straightforward for businesses of all sizes.

6 steps for successful 10DLC brand registration

Starting your 10DLC brand registration journey is a strategic move toward optimizing your business messaging campaigns. Here’s a straightfoward, six-step guide to help you navigate the process with ease:

1. Determine your business type

Brands can choose between a few business types for registration:

  • Private enterprise
  • Publicly traded company
  • Nonprofit

The designation you choose during this step will shape the rest of the registration process and what's required from you.

2. Gather essential information

You’ll need the following information to register your brand:

  • Your company's legal name
  • The country where your business is registered
  • What kind of organization you are
  • Your Tax ID or EIN
  • Your business website
  • Descriptions and sample messages for each messaging use case

In addition to gathering the basic information listed, it's critical to also compile any specific documentation related to your organization type.

For instance, if you're registering as a nonprofit, be prepared to provide your 501(c)(3) certification. For private enterprises, relevant business licenses or incorporation documents might be necessary.

Collecting this information upfront will streamline the process, minimizing delays and potential complications.

3. Choose a registration platform

You’ll want a platform that’s supportive, easy to use, and flexible enough to adapt to your needs. Think about its reputation, the support it offers, how easily you can manage your campaigns, and its success rate with 10DLC registrations and staying compliant. The right platform will guide you through the registration process, offering insights and tools to make your messaging strategy shine.

4. Submit brand and campaign details

Now it's time to present your information via the registration platform. Detail your brand and outline each campaign you're eager to launch. Accuracy is key here. Make sure everything is consistent and correct across all documents and platforms to avoid any hiccups or delays in getting your registration approved.

5. Await approval

Approval times can be as varied as the weather, depending heavily on the carrier or provider, the complexity of your campaign, and how well you've filled out your application. The approval process can take anywhere from a few hours to several days.

Some providers, like Telnyx—known for its streamlined processes and direct connections—might get you through this step more quickly, sometimes within 24 to 48 hours.

6. Assign phone numbers

Once you've got the thumbs up, it's time to assign 10DLC numbers to your campaigns and kickstart your messaging. Choose your numbers, link each one to a specific campaign, set up your message flow, and then test and monitor everything to ensure it's running smoothly.

Common questions about 10DLC brand registration

Navigating the 10DLC brand registration process can be tricky. This section answers some of the most common questions we receive on 10DLC brand registration so you can move forward with confidence.

How often should I renew my 10DLC brand registration?

10DLC brand registration does not require frequent renewals in the traditional sense. Once your brand is registered and approved for 10DLC messaging, there’s no expiration as long as your use case and messaging practices remain consistent with the information you provided during registration.

However, it's important to keep your registration information up to date. If your business undergoes significant changes—think new messaging strategies, a spike in message volume, or even a brand makeover—it's time to refresh your registration to keep everything in sync.

And because regulations and carrier rules are always changing, staying in the loop with the latest requirements ensures your 10DLC efforts stay compliant.

Can I register multiple campaigns under one brand?

Yes, businesses can register multiple messaging campaigns under a single brand, each with its own use case and messaging flow. Here are a few examples:

Brand ExampleCampaign NameUse CaseMessaging Flow
National retail chainPromotional offersSending weekly promotional offers and discounts to opt-in customers.Messages include coupons, special event notifications, and seasonal sales information.
Order updatesProviding updates on online orders.Automated messages triggered by customer orders, shipping updates, and delivery confirmations.
Regional bankAccount alertsSending real-time alerts for account activities.Transaction-based alerts customized to each account holder's activities.
Financial tipsWeekly financial tips and advice.Educational content designed to engage customers and provide value beyond transactional messaging.
Network of clinicsAppointment remindersReminding patients of upcoming appointments.Automated reminders sent ahead of scheduled appointments, with options for patients to confirm or reschedule.
Health tipsMonthly health and wellness tips.Curated content aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and preventive care among patients.

What happens if I don't register my campaign?

If you don’t register your campaign, you may encounter reduced message deliverability, as carriers and service providers might block your messages. Unregistered campaigns are often flagged for non-compliance with messaging standards and regulations.

Plus, operating an unregistered campaign exposes you to the risk of incurring fines and penalties for non-compliance—for example, if you use gray routes or fail to follow the guidelines set by the CTIA.

Get fast approvals and zero-fee campaign migrations with Telnyx

As we’ve discussed, 10DLC brand registration is a key part of messaging strategies for businesses that use A2P messaging. 10DLC ensures your messages reach your audience, proves your brand is trustworthy, and keeps you compliant with regulations. Of course, choosing the right platform can make all the difference. As you start the process of registering your brand and sending 10DLC messages, be sure to choose a provider that is knowledgeable and transparent about their 10DLC offerings.

At Telnyx, we simplify the 10DLC process to enhance your customer engagement and extend your reach. Our streamlined approval process, complemented by our Mission Control Portal and intuitive APIs, provides a straightforward path to 10DLC registration and management, ensuring quick and effective implementation of your messaging strategy.

Choosing Telnyx for 10DLC gives you rapid approval times and benefits like zero-fee campaign migration and a comprehensive solution through our unified API and Portal. Our focus on providing extensive API support and a dedicated team of messaging experts ensures you receive personalized assistance tailored to your needs. Moreover, our competitive messaging pricing and transparent 10DLC fees and charges offer a cost-effective solution for connecting with your customers and optimizing your messaging strategy.

Our mission is to empower your business with the tools and support needed to communicate more effectively, reach a broader audience, and strengthen customer relationships. With Telnyx as your partner, you can confidently enhance your messaging capabilities, ensuring your messages are delivered efficiently and effectively.

Contact our team to begin your 10DLC approval process and leverage Telnyx’s deep expertise for creating and deploying successful campaigns.

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