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Why E911 matters for Microsoft Teams compliance

Learn how you can stay E911 compliant when bringing your own carrier to Teams through Operator Connect.

Kelsie Anderson

By Kelsie Anderson

If you’ve worked in a corporate space anytime between now and the 1980s, you’ve heard of—and probably used—a Microsoft product. Today, Microsoft Teams is a leading platform for business communication, with over 300 million users in more than a million businesses worldwide.

But while millions of people use Teams to message or call coworkers and customers, very few consider the importance of using Teams for emergency calling—specifically Enhanced 911 (E911) calling.

E911 is a system that automatically provides the caller's location information to emergency responders. In a corporate context, it means that when an employee dials 911, the system transmits their exact location within the office premises to the nearest emergency service center. This feature ensures a quick and accurate response in critical situations.

And E911 isn't just a value-added feature. It's a legal requirement in many jurisdictions. Laws such as Kari's Law and RAY BAUM'S Act in the U.S. mandate direct dialing and location information for emergency calls in multi-line telephone systems. That includes platforms like Microsoft Teams. Non-compliance can lead to severe penalties, making E911 a critical component of corporate communication systems.

In this article, we’ll explore how E911 for Microsoft Teams environments helps you meet legal requirements and foster a safe, responsive, and connected workplace.

E911 and Microsoft Teams compliance

Recognizing the importance of safety and legal compliance, Microsft Teams already includes mandatory E911 capabilities. This inclusion ensures all businesses using Teams for their Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) setup are inherently equipped to handle emergency situations effectively, aligning with legal standards and safeguarding employees.

Microsoft also requires that businesses that bring their own carrier (BYOC) to Teams setups can ensure they’re E911-compliant by choosing a carrier that provides E911 capabilities.

Through the Telnyx network, all numbers have access to standard emergency calling services, while American and Canadian numbers can access dynamic E911 capabilities. Learn how Teams users can leverage these capabilities with Telnyx Operator Connect.

Why is E911 necessary for Microsoft Teams users (and all businesses)?

As businesses become more digitally integrated, the need for compliant, efficient, and reliable E911 solutions is more pressing than ever. E911 capabilities help businesses solve issues surrounding workplace safety, legal compliance, and operational efficiency. Here's why it's indispensable:

Safety and quick response in emergencies

The primary purpose of E911 is to provide immediate access to emergency services with accurate location details. In a crisis, seconds count. E911 ensures that when a Microsoft Teams user dials an emergency number, their precise location is automatically transmitted to the nearest emergency response center, facilitating a faster, more effective response.

In many countries, including the U.S., there are stringent laws governing emergency communications in business environments. Regulations like Kari's Law and the RAY BAUM'S Act mandate direct dialing to 911, notification of emergency calls to designated personnel, and the transmission of detailed location information. Non-compliance can result in severe penalties—starting with a $10,000 fine—making E911 a legal necessity for businesses using Microsoft Teams as part of their communication infrastructure.

Corporate responsibility and duty of care

Businesses have a moral and often legal duty of care to their employees and visitors. Implementing E911 is a critical aspect of fulfilling this responsibility. It ensures in the event of an emergency within the premises, individuals can rely on a corporate communication system like Microsoft Teams to seek help effectively.

Enhanced functionality for modern workspaces

Modern workspaces often include remote, hybrid, and multi-location arrangements. Microsoft Teams users may be spread across different floors, buildings, or even cities. E911 services are capable of providing location information, including building, floor, and room number, which is crucial for emergency services in large or complex premises.

Market and customer trust

Demonstrating a commitment to safety and compliance through E911 integration helps build trust with customers, partners, and employees. It shows the organization values safety and is prepared to invest in critical infrastructure to protect its stakeholders.

For Microsoft Teams users, integrating E911 does more than add another feature to your communications setup. It ensures a safe, compliant, and responsible communication environment. As Teams continues to be a vital tool for collaboration and communication in the business world, integrating E911 is an essential aspect of maintaining a reliable and legally compliant operational framework.

Partner with Telnyx for BYOC E911 compliance for Microsoft Teams

As businesses continue to adopt Microsoft Teams, understanding and implementing E911 is both a legal necessity and moral imperative. Businesses that use Microsoft Teams calling plans will automatically have E911 capabilities integrated into their systems. However, for businesses that want the flexibility and reliability different carriers can add to Microsoft Teams, it’s critical to assess their E911 services for compliance.

With Telnyx Operator Connect, organizations can enhance their Teams experience with a multi-cloud setup across AWS, GCP, and Azure that ensures network robustness. The E911 capabilities that come with any Telnyx number help businesses stay prepared for any emergency while meeting stringent legal requirements. Additionally, Telnyx's support for HD voice ensures emergency calls are compliant, as well as clear and reliable.

Telnyx makes setting up an E911 address straightforward, integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Teams' interface. This ease of setup—combined with robust network infrastructure and high-quality voice support—positions Telnyx as a preferred choice for businesses looking to enhance their Microsoft Teams experience with reliable E911 capabilities.

Contact our team to learn how you can deploy robust, vendor-agnostic, E911-enabled PSTN calling for your Teams users in just a few clicks.

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