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[Fact Sheet] Contact Center

Build custom calling experiences on an enterprise-grade global IP network.Telnyx offers scalable voice API

By Pete Christianson

Contact Center Fact Sheet Hero

Build on an enterprise-grade global IP network.

Automate and optimize your call flows to better manage customer conversations with the flexible, scalable Telnyx voice API. Add agents, messaging capabilities, locations and phone numbers with ease. Build the exact solution you need with sophisticated features including call recording and storage, call conferencing, real-time media streaming, answering machine detection, and more.

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Learn more about:

  • What you can build with Telnyx — cloud IVRs, real-time analytics, call recording and inbound call whispers.
  • What Neuraswitch has to say about working with Telnyx.
  • Why Telnyx? From our purpose-built global IP network, to the granular control our APIs provide, find out why you should choose the provider thousands of developers rely on.

Contact us today to learn how you can leverage Telnyx.

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